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Communication is a discipline, not just a skill. Our training teaches students the discipline it takes to master communication. Ethos practices mentorship, prayer, excellence, and diligence. Join us in the timeless journey of rhetoric.

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Briefs Aren’t Strategy

Before every tournament, my partner took me outside the registration building and had a pow-wow. He wanted to go through each of our briefs and make a strategy out of them, card by card. These two-hour meetings were stressful. As we watched other debaters enjoy... read more

Five Areas to Improve in Your Debating

Traditional Japanese schoolmasters have an incredibly hands-off method of instruction. Students often find it frustrating. Penmanship class involves the student painstakingly copying their characters, presenting them to their schoolmaster, and receiving cryptic grunts... read more

How to Research (basics) – Webinar by Isaiah

Have you ever sat down to research but didn’t know where to begin? Have you ever spent 5 hours in front of the computer just to find 2 pages of evidence? I know the feeling. In this webinar, Isaiah explains the most effective methods and tools for researching.... read more

7 Habits I’ve Noticed of Highly Effective Debaters

“Effective debaters” are these elusive creatures, hunted by students year-round, at constant risk of being consumed by the masses. The hunt for debate-senpais is real. Everybody wants to be, or at least know, an effective debater. I won’t judge if... read more

Coaching Soccer is like Coaching Debate

There are two types of soccer coaches: Those who try to CONTROL your every action, as if the athletes are at the end of a joystick. Move here, do this, do that, go there, dribble now, pass now, strike it! Those who help you OWN your own decisions, as if only you know... read more

You Won’t Win if That’s Your Goal

“In it to win it” is not a sufficient goal. And most debaters can’t differentiate between preparing to win and making winning the priority.  Of course, competition is good. It’s a refiner, a strainer, a purifier. It sharpens your skills, weeds out bad... read more

9 Things Every NCFCA TPer Should Know About Tax Court

What is tax court? It sounds super boring, why should you spend 5 minutes reading about it? Well Tax Court is a federal court which receives far less attention than the rest of our court system. And like all sectors of the resolution which receive little attention it... read more


You’ve been debating to a negative exponent. Multiplying your skills in the reverse of a positive direction. And your debates have been sub-par, missing the great purpose of debate. Have you ever experienced debate^2? Debate raised to a positive power? Debate multiplied beyond itself?

read more

Live Blog – Democratic Debates – October 13, 2015

22.38thanks for hanging around! Hope you learned something. Comment your thoughts on the debate and our commentary!     22.30Well, our attention span is gone. Who “won” this debate? Anderson Cooper. For not being a dingbat. -Isaiah 22.28“I... read more

A Glossary of Normalized Debate Terms

For a skill that hinges on unblurred communication, debating can be brutally muddled. Thank unexplained debate jargon, thrown around in every speech. In the 20th century, cultivated primarily by guides who experienced debate as debaters rather than audience, debate... read more

Part Two: The Federal Courts and Elections (A Briefing)

Picture a chilly, bustling post-holiday season in Washington D.C, 1801. A Federalist Congress is desperately trying to establish some scope of power, after their defeat in the Presidential election. President John Adams softens the blow of his loss by appointing... read more

Part One: The Federal Courts and Elections (A Briefing)

The most interesting thing in last week’s GOP debate was not Trump. Did you catch that the candidates actually talked about the federal court system? O sing for joy! It rarely happens! Recent election themes have centralized around only two branches of the federal... read more

I am Tired of Debating

This weekend, I will travel to Indiana for the first NPDA tournament of the fall semester with the Grove City College debate team. Debating with Josiah (my incredibly knowledgeable, skilled Californian partner) is nothing if not a privilege. Argumentative clash always... read more

Name That Fallacy: GOP Edition

My fellow Americans, in the GREAT COUNTRY OF AMERICA… It’s debate season again. No, not your debate season, the presidential primary debate season. Two Ethos coaches volunteered to take notes and report back with what we hoped would be analysis of the candidates... read more