Master classical rhetoric: the light-side discipline of wisdom that moves society toward the good.

Communication is a discipline, not just a skill. Our training teaches students the discipline it takes to master communication. Ethos practices mentorship, prayer, excellence, and diligence. Join us in the timeless journey of rhetoric.

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Debate. Is. Everywhere.

As a competitive high school debater, one of my pet peeves was when people would say to me, “Oh, I’d be great at debate. I love arguing with people!” It frustrated me that they would reduce debate to mere argumentation, because there is so much more to it....

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Practical Principles: The Bad Precedent DA, Part 2

Last week, I introduced the Bad Precedent DA. It’s a great way to take a principle-based argument and turn it into a practical impact. We've already seen the big picture and one way to structure this kind of DA. Now, we’ll take a look at another type of structure, how...

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Seven Tactics For Tackling Extemp

Extemporaneous is an intimidating speech category, but it is also one of the most rewarding. Competing in Extemp builds your critical thinking skills, makes you a more informed citizen, and is an incredible opportunity to share your opinion on important issues with...

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Practical Principles: The Bad Precedent Disadvantage, Part 1

There’s a common misconception that, in TP, moral arguments and pragmatic arguments don’t mix. That’s false. This article is about the Bad Precedent DA—one of the main ways you can couple your principle-based arguments with a pragmatic dimension. We’ll discuss it in...

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NSDA Sourcebook Researchers Wanted!

Four years ago, I stumbled upon Ethos Debate’s website. The articles I read helped me look at debate in a new way and grow tremendously in debating and speaking. I sent in my case to be critiqued by Isaiah McPeak. Needless to say, I received excellent advice. Ethos...

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Ethics Bowl, Part 2: Prepping, and In The Round

In my previous article, I described our usual presentation structure, while also partially discussing Case 1. In this article, I will be focusing on case preparation and research, as well as some communication and teamwork practices. How we prepare The right research...

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Debate Metaphors We Live By

Words matter. The way we describe things shapes the way we view them. As a debater, this is fairly obvious. Debate is based on the idea that words matter. But have you considered what words we — as a society, not just as debaters — use to describe intellectual...

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Going Neg: How To Win On Inherency

This is the first post from one of our new team members, sixth-year debater Toby Rivas. Keep an eye out for more practical strategy tips from him coming soon! Debaters have lots of silly quirks--“debaterisms,” if you will. Things like always quoting Ronald Reagan,...

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New NSDA Content: Launching in Three…Two…One…

Hi all NSDA Debaters! For many years, Ethos has provided quality debate coaching to debaters across all leagues. We believe that our method of communication and rhetoric is 1) applicable to every aspect of life, 2) able to foster long-term personal development, and 3)...

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How To Beat A Case With No Prep

This is, hands down, the topic that I cover most as a coach. Every debater, new or experienced, has been in this situation. Listening to the first affirmative speaker (or PRO or GOV or PROP), and recognizing that not only do you NOT have any prepped material on what...

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Ethics Bowl: The First Speech

Our designated MC (master of ceremonies) begins the first speech. “It’s unusual to find issues on which so many different groups, ranging from far-right candidate Marine Le Pen to PETA to Belgian Catholics, agree. Yet in this case, they all tend to agree in...

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