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Transportation Policy: 3 Big Themes You Need to Know

  Ahhh summer. Don’t you love it? 3 months of long days filled with nothing but long walks on the beach and long naps in the sun. And also, DEBATEEEEEEEE! If you’re like the average debater, then you’ve probably already spent AT LEAST five hours looking into your... read more

Ethos + COG = Your Sourcebook Dream

  As most of you know, we’re relaunching our world-class sourcebook this year and it’s going to be better than ever! We have 15 phenomenal authors who have begun researching and writing for next year’s release. We can’t wait until... read more

STOA 2017-18 LD: Ethos Interviews Dr. Joe Dunn

Get ahead on this year’s STOA LD resolution by getting an overview of the topic and having your questions asked and answered. Ethos’ Emily Rose interviews political scientist, history buff, and war veteran Dr. Joe Dunn on the subject of preemptive war.... read more

Manners Maketh the Man

This post shouldn’t exist. Or at least, it shouldn’t have to. It’s about something every debater should know. Each round should exemplify it. It should be as natural as breathing. But it’s not. Although the point of debate is to communicate and persuade winsomely,... read more

Squirrel Hunting

The life of a squirrel is a dangerous one.  They have to deal with snakes, weasels, coyotes, red foxes, raccoons, birds of prey, cats, dogs and humans, depending on their species and where they live.  Every squirrel has to deal with weather.  Since the 1900s, a new... read more

Exposing Extra Topicality

“Resolved: ‘This house should eat ice cream tonight.’” The government team launches into a well detailed and superbly structured PMC about the policy resolution. They detail how ice cream is tasty and how much they enjoy ice cream. They read conclusion after... read more

What Even is Preemptive Warfare?

Preemptive Warfare is morally justified. Within that simple phrase are a boatload of questions.  What does it mean to be morally justified?  What moral obligations do states have?  Is preemptive warfare necessary?  Is warfare ever justified?   Those questions are... read more

Dear Regret

After competing recently at NCFCA Nationals, I am filled with regret about all the mistakes I made and all the things I “could have” done better.  Life is filled with regret. We constantly make decisions that we later wish we didn’t make. With a mixture of nostalgia... read more

Transportation Policy: Start Your Engines!

Nowhere in the legislative landscape that constitutes the geopolitical makeup of America’s governing body is the mechanics of “efficient policy” more scrutinized (on a federal, municipal, and even local level) than in every single policy dealing with mass... read more

Start with Why

In both debate circles and the “real-world”, it’s a shame that bad arguments prevail. But it’s not the blatantly false arguments which remain; rather, it’s the appealing and seemingly simple points which misguide listeners and debaters alike. These arguments become... read more

Policy First

Value vs. Policy- a foundational conflict, like the one between liberty and security, or that between deontology and consequentialism (now you can probably tell which side I fall on).  While individual debaters have to rely on their experiences and feelings in order... read more

Why You Should Debate in the NSDA

The National Speech and Debate Association (NSDA) has gotten quite the bad rap from the homeschool community (and some of it is certainly legitimate), but it’s not as bad as many make it out to be. In fact, there are many great educational opportunities you can gain... read more

How and Why You Should Only Argue for What You Believe

Here’s a question I sent to Isaiah: I’m trying to discern how we can stick true to our principles as truth-seekers and only argue for positions we believe in and still debate resolutions we inherently disagree with. Like in the ‘USFG should guarantee a... read more

How to Improve Fluency and Clarity in Speaking

Although I’ve had success in debate, I’ve never been a fluent nor eloquent speaker. Unfortunately, I never committed to improving my extemporaneous delivery until my senior year. This post is lengthy, but if you read through and put into practice what I’m... read more