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The Tale of Two Cases: Why You Should Debate Thematically

The season wasn’t going so well. We had been almost undefeated debating neg, but our affs had been losing rounds we felt like we should have been winning. Something was not working. We had changed cases, changed speaker positions, rewritten cases, expanded our... read more

The Syllogistic Case Structure

“Ships that pass in the night, and speak each other in passing, only a signal shown, and a distant voice in the darkness; So on the ocean of life, we pass and speak one another, only a look and a voice, then darkness again and a silence.” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow... read more

How to Use Lexis Nexis

Earlier this week, Isaiah made a video for Stoa debaters instructing them on the best way to take advantage of the vast resources that LexisNexis provides. Whether you’re a Value or Policy debater, NCFCA or Stoa member, make sure to take a few minutes (6, to be... read more

Weighing Mechanism Basics Every Debater Should Know

At my day-job, statUP, today we completed a major product design, the coach dashboard. That means Monday is when we’ll decide what major design epic to pick up next. Choices include Athlete Profile+, Skilltrees, Goal-Tracking, Club Dashboard, Mobile App Improvements,... read more

NCFCA TP Bakgrounder #5: The Nature of the PRC Part 2

This post is part 2 of 2 in a series of posts regarding the goals and incentives of the PRC. Last week we took a look at the PRC’s economic and military goals, (see that post here if you missed it), and this week we’re going to be examining its environmental and... read more

NCFCA TP Backgrounder #4: The Nature of the PRC Part 1

No matter what the foreign policy scenario is that our government is dealing with, it’s always vital that government officials understand the goals and ambitions of whatever nation they’re dealing with. Debate is no different. When you’re acting as an advisor... read more

When Did Ignorance Become Cool?

[Author’s note:  For competitive debaters and coaches, even though this article does not specifically address debate, I write it for you in application of Isaiah’s thoughts here.  While we may be tempted to think that debaters are well-informed, debaters far too often... read more

See You on ZiggyDebate!

This is a public service announcement… we’ve partnered up with Isaac Sommers, founder of ZiggyDebate, to bring Ethos coaches onto the ZiggyDebate platform. In case you didn’t know, ZiggyDebate is for Stoa and NCFCA debaters both this year!... read more

Dear Insecure Debater…

Dear insecure debater, I grappled with your deep-seated uncertainty for much of my debate career. The brooding fear that, while you appear controlled and composed, in some pivotal moment, your abilities will dissipate and render you unable to form cogent thoughts,... read more

I Am Disappointed

ERRATA: This post referred to “this year’s national champions” at one point in a way that could’ve meant any of several teams and people. At least one national championship team this year specifically adopted a strategy like is recommended... read more

Looking for Bloggers!

It’s about that time again. We’re taking on some new blogging interns. Over 50 alum have been able to use an Ethos position on their resumes for college and jobs, and earned excellent recommendation letters and experience in the process. If you’re interested in... read more

Use Goalsheets to Improve Like a Professional

The worst kind of self-challenge is to get “all” of anything right. Improvement tends to happen incrementally, by focusing on one aspect of a skill at a time. For example, instead of aiming to improve your speaker points from 22 to 24, on average, it would be better... read more

Stoa TP Backgrounder #3: GMO Labeling

“Frankenstein monsters, things crawling out of the lab,” remarks molecular biologist Robert Goldberg. “This [is] the most depressing thing I have ever dealt with.” However, by “This,” Goldberg is actually not referring to GMOs themselves, but rather the fears and... read more

Stoa TP Backgrounder #2: Herbicides

In our second backgrounder on the Stoa Team Policy resolution, we examine one of the most controversial tools farms use to control those pesky weeds: herbicides. Ever since the creation of the first modern herbicide, 2.4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (or 2,4-D),... read more