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Part One: The Federal Courts and Elections (A Briefing)

The most interesting thing in last week’s GOP debate was not Trump. Did you catch that the candidates actually talked about the federal court system? O sing for joy! It rarely happens! Recent election themes have centralized around only two branches of the federal... read more

I am Tired of Debating

This weekend, I will travel to Indiana for the first NPDA tournament of the fall semester with the Grove City College debate team. Debating with Josiah (my incredibly knowledgeable, skilled Californian partner) is nothing if not a privilege. Argumentative clash always... read more

Name That Fallacy: GOP Edition

My fellow Americans, in the GREAT COUNTRY OF AMERICA… It’s debate season again. No, not your debate season, the presidential primary debate season. Two Ethos coaches volunteered to take notes and report back with what we hoped would be analysis of the candidates... read more

Drills: Mindset Blockades and Growth Tactics

Not to be ornery, but when a dentist pokes a drill into my mouth and assures “this will only hurt a bit”, I cringe. And then I grip the chair, inhale deeply, and try to find that inner happy place of dental bliss. I know his use of the drill is going to improve my... read more

Why your judges are out to get you “for no reason”

Picture us both holding a mug of tea, sitting on a comfy couch, and having a nice chat about your fears and insecurities. You share with me—as many, many students have—that “judges are out to get me: they just hate me for no reason.” Then picture me, ever so kindly,... read more

Stoa Team Policy Briefing – Trade Topic

Former 1st place persuasive champion, all-star debater, and current Patrick Henry College debater, Thaddeus Tague brings you his topic lecture on the Stoa team policy topic – The United States federal government should substantially reform its trade policy with one or... read more

NCFCA Resolution – Topic Lecture

Secret courts, jury nullification, stare decisis… where do I even begin? If you are like me when I started every competition year, you are probably asking questions like these. Starting a new resolution is hard. But hey – it just got a little easier. Here is a free... read more

30 Things a 15-Year-Old Dude Would Say

If you missed PHC Debate Camp this year, you missed some self exploration. We found the 15-year-old-dude in all of us. There is one. That 15-year-old-dude isn’t gender specific… it’s a composite personality that shows its face now and then. In... read more

Kanye’s Guide to Speaking with Power: Part One

The 21st century is an amazing place that gave us the disastrous, candy-coated train wreck that was the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards. The awards show aired last night for two painful hours, at the end of which Kanye West was awarded the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard... read more

How to Contact an Expert in the Debate Topic

“I remember from camp that you said to contact people who work in and around the Federal Court System when in search of cases. What’s the best way to go about doing this? Email, phone or letter? Also, how would I find this info? I want to make sure I do it right so I... read more

3 Ways Bulk Data Collection Harms National Security

Picture 4 billion people. An almost impossible number for our brains to process, but try it anyway. Imagine you had orders to pick out one specific face from this crowd but you don’t have a clear picture of that face, only a few clues. Impossible of course, and yet... read more

Cameras in the Supreme Court: Part Two

In the last post, we looked at the background behind cameras in the supreme court. It’s possible to run structural inherency against this case, but is that the best option? In order to determine the answer to that question, we first have to look at the other... read more

Dear Aggressive Female Debater: Part Two

Dear Aggressive Female Debater (Katherine), Unfortunately the battle you have ahead of you will take a bigger armory than just verbal ethos. You need to have non-verbal credibility on your side as well. Debate rounds are won and lost in the margins. Oftentimes there... read more

Cameras in the Supreme Court: Part One

Soccer, or fútbol as true fans would call it, is similar to debate. In order to win a soccer game, you have to score goals. How do you score goals? By taking a risk and going on offense. In debate, you have to take risks and argue the big picture issues to go on... read more

Mature Topics Kritik

Someone just asked for this Kritik, which was buried in the India Ethos sourcebook. It was about AIDS, but could be about any number of mature topics that may arise this year. Hopefully you never need to use something like this! C. Kritik A. Link: Case discusses very... read more