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Communication is a discipline, not just a skill. Our training teaches students the discipline it takes to master communication. Ethos practices mentorship, prayer, excellence, and diligence. Join us in the timeless journey of rhetoric.

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3 Ways Bulk Data Collection Harms National Security

Picture 4 billion people. An almost impossible number for our brains to process, but try it anyway. Imagine you had orders to pick out one specific face from this crowd but you don’t have a clear picture of that face, only a few clues. Impossible of course, and yet... read more

Cameras in the Supreme Court: Part Two

In the last post, we looked at the background behind cameras in the supreme court. It’s possible to run structural inherency against this case, but is that the best option? In order to determine the answer to that question, we first have to look at the other... read more

Dear Aggressive Female Debater: Part Two

Dear Aggressive Female Debater (Katherine), Unfortunately the battle you have ahead of you will take a bigger armory than just verbal ethos. You need to have non-verbal credibility on your side as well. Debate rounds are won and lost in the margins. Oftentimes there... read more

Cameras in the Supreme Court: Part One

Soccer, or fútbol as true fans would call it, is similar to debate. In order to win a soccer game, you have to score goals. How do you score goals? By taking a risk and going on offense. In debate, you have to take risks and argue the big picture issues to go on... read more

Mature Topics Kritik

Someone just asked for this Kritik, which was buried in the India Ethos sourcebook. It was about AIDS, but could be about any number of mature topics that may arise this year. Hopefully you never need to use something like this! C. Kritik A. Link: Case discusses very... read more

3 Ways to Conquer the Fear of Failure

Failure isn’t what holds people back. After all, it is part of the learning process. What keeps people from succeeding is a fear of failure. The amygdala – the region in our brain responsible for fear and aggression (fight or flight) — is programmed to fear... read more

Dear Aggressive Female Debater: Part one

Dear Aggressive Female Debater (Katherine), I was you once. The frustration of being perceived as angry, bitter, or mean is one that I am familiar with.  You are a round peg in a square hole. Chances are, you’ve tried to soften your image and have received ballot... read more

7 Ways To Doubt Facts in Parli

“Interesting claims about history, government, economics, politics, and culture are often introduced in parliamentary debates… There are other, less obvious, factual inaccuracies in many debates. Many debaters claim to represent the factual world (at least the... read more

8 Questions about Ethos Excel

You asked, and we answered! Here are the 8 biggest questions that we have received concerning Ethos Excel… 1. Do you offer a sibling discount? Yes. For siblings, we offer a $50 discount per student (whether you’re signed up for TP or LD). You’ll be... read more

The worst ambiguities in NCFCA and Stoa debate theory

Analyze this question: “Where’s the timer?” Doh! Two possible meanings: either we’re missing a device, or an 8-year old. The word “timer” is ambiguous. That’s why I far prefer the words “timepiece” and “timekeeper.” There are many types of ambiguity: Wikipedia says... read more

Everything is Topicality… but what else is there?

Topicality and other theory arguments often get a bad rap in the debate community. Just ask your judge’s “judging philosophy.” They say things like “I don’t ever buy topical counterplans” or “I don’t vote on Topicality.” I find it funny that some people take such hard... read more

Price Drop on Ethos xL

Great news! We just dropped Ethos xL prices from $400 to $275/student for TP or LD. Sign Up Now Thanks for everyone who’s signed up so far! We’re going to retroactively give you a refund. We’ve had calls from coaches in Texas, South Carolina,... read more