Master classical rhetoric: the light-side discipline of wisdom that moves society toward the good.

Communication is a discipline, not just a skill. Our training teaches students the discipline it takes to master communication. Ethos practices mentorship, prayer, excellence, and diligence. Join us in the timeless journey of rhetoric.

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The Stock Issues, Revisited

In mid-2017, I wrote an article describing what the stock issues are and why they are useful. I still recommend that article for a basic introduction into the stock issues, but since then, I have updated my views on the framework. This article presents a newer and...

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Stoa TP Webinar with Greg Rehmke!

Calling all Stoa TP Debaters! If you are looking for a spring case idea, or want help researching opponents cases, join Ethos Debate Fellow, Gregory Rehmke as he unpacks the Stoa TP resolution, and how you need to attack it. What cases are good, which ones are GREAT,...

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Lessons From An Impostor: The Psychology of Confidence

Have you ever listened to a presentation or speech, where the speaker is clearly not confident in themselves? It’s very awkward. Listeners and audience members can sense confidence almost better than sharks can smell blood. Confidence, or a lack thereof, bleeds out...

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Going on Offense: Spikes, Part 1

If you’ve ever played volleyball, you know the terror of a spike. A player slams the ball over the net so hard you have no hope of returning it. In debate, a spike is a little different, but still a powerful offensive tactic. Referring broadly to preemption, a spike...

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The Unrivaled Success of Ethos Debate

One of the most common questions we field is “why Ethos?” Feel free to take a look at our comprehensive model of education and debate here. But beyond that, the questioner usually is trying to ask one of two things: Why should I get coaching period? Why should I...

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7 Tips for Persuading Novice Judges

“I don’t understand. I had superior arguments, evidence, and refutation, but the judge voted for the other team.” I imagine every debater has felt this way at some point. Yet, even when we think we should win “on paper,” the judge is always right. Inevitably, you will...

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BAM – Miscommunication!

This post talks about communication in the real world. As you read, though, think about how these principles apply to debate and speech. As you practice these concepts in competition, you’re actually strengthening your conversations with family, friends, and...

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Debate. Is. Everywhere.

As a competitive high school debater, one of my pet peeves was when people would say to me, “Oh, I’d be great at debate. I love arguing with people!” It frustrated me that they would reduce debate to mere argumentation, because there is so much more to it....

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Practical Principles: The Bad Precedent DA, Part 2

Last week, I introduced the Bad Precedent DA. It’s a great way to take a principle-based argument and turn it into a practical impact. We've already seen the big picture and one way to structure this kind of DA. Now, we’ll take a look at another type of structure, how...

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Seven Tactics For Tackling Extemp

Extemporaneous is an intimidating speech category, but it is also one of the most rewarding. Competing in Extemp builds your critical thinking skills, makes you a more informed citizen, and is an incredible opportunity to share your opinion on important issues with...

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Practical Principles: The Bad Precedent Disadvantage, Part 1

There’s a common misconception that, in TP, moral arguments and pragmatic arguments don’t mix. That’s false. This article is about the Bad Precedent DA—one of the main ways you can couple your principle-based arguments with a pragmatic dimension. We’ll discuss it in...

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NSDA Sourcebook Researchers Wanted!

Four years ago, I stumbled upon Ethos Debate’s website. The articles I read helped me look at debate in a new way and grow tremendously in debating and speaking. I sent in my case to be critiqued by Isaiah McPeak. Needless to say, I received excellent advice. Ethos...

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