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Communication is a discipline, not just a skill. Our training teaches students the discipline it takes to master communication. Ethos practices mentorship, prayer, excellence, and diligence. Join us in the timeless journey of rhetoric.

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Upside Down Debate – the Ethos Debate Book

It’s finally out! Debaters – you can now learn debate from the ground up using normalized language, transferring debaterland to real life genres of conflict resolution, business meetings, and politics. Coaches and Teachers – you can now teach debate from a... read more

An Analysis of the NCFCA TP Resolution Choices

And the TP choices for the NCFCA 2016-2017 competitive season are out! Here’s my assessment of the choices, along with a brief overview of some of the issues for each of them. Full disclosure, so you know where I’m coming from and the origin of my perspective: I was a... read more

An Analysis of the NCFCA LD Resolution Choices

NCFCA released their resolution options for the 2016-2017 season! Here’s my perspective on the advantages and disadvantages of each. First, so that you’re aware of my personal preferences and experience when it comes to debate, I have competed in NCFCA LD the past two... read more

Once Upon a Time: Giving Your Stories Another Look

They stick in our minds. They range from anecdotes that bore the life out of us to epics that capture the imagination of generations. They are the paintbrush of the rhetorician, painting a more tangible picture of ideas and concepts that previously only existed in the... read more

From Beginner to Intermediate: A Personal Journey

In this video, I outline my own personal journey from being a beginner debater to an intermediate debater.  I point out the highs and lows, and some key steps that helped me reach my goals. If you’re a beginner debater who wants level up, feel free to contact me... read more

Unveiling… Ethos’ Best Resources

Most of you probably don’t know this, but Ethos has 300+ different resources to help you level up in your debate career. Up until now, those resources have been difficult to access. Not anymore! Introducing… Ethos’ Best Resources.  We’ve taken all of our resources,... read more

Live from the War Room: Parli Prep in Real Time

Lots of Ethos debaters are at nationals and we’re getting called and texted off the hook. Thankfully, we declined to write resolutions for such a time as this. Take a look at the “mess” of parli prep time, and how a strategy must be quickly formulated… plus what a... read more

A Debate: Principles vs. Examples

There was a disagreement between two Ethos team members: Principles vs. Examples in LD Value Debate. Of course, they handled it with a debate. Joel Erickson takes the side of Principles and Isaiah McPeak argues for Examples. Let us know on Facebook who you thought... read more

The World’s Most Memorable Judging Philosophy

I always tell my debate students that you should absolutely ask your judge at the beginning of the debate round to tell you a little bit about their background, experience, and/or expectations.  But sometimes, a judge’s judging philosophy may leave you more confused... read more

Four Traits of a National-Class Debater

If you’re headed to a national championship or want to take your skills to the national level next year, Isaiah has a few things you can work on. In this vlog, Isaiah tackles the question of what makes a national-class debater. Adopt these 4 traits into your... read more

The Art of Persuasion vs. The Pursuit of Truth

A debate mentor and friend of mine is leaving the debate scene. After several years in debate, and various successes at national championships in several leagues he found that he had become out of touch with the core principle of good debate; the pursuit of truth. In... read more

A New Look at Impact Calculus: The Plant

As has been noted before, impact calculus it is a fantastic tool for both aff and neg, but it is terribly underused. I totally understand; it can certainly get complicated, especially as you get into the long list of (admittedly over complicated) factors like... read more

Why Do You Debate?

Why do you debate? Do you run drills solely to win? Do you spend nights researching so that you can be the last to cross the stage? I know that it’s annoying to be told that trophies don’t matter, but it’s just as frustrating when debaters choose to ignore this sage... read more

Why 5th Graders Shouldn’t Debate

Bright-eyed, bright-minded, bright future. Brae is one of my weekly students. He’s like most of you. Eager to spot logical fallacies, quick to provide well-researched evidence for his beliefs, hopes to become President one day, probably has a real shot. He wants... read more

Building a Better Vocabulary

In my experience, the more captivated I’ve been by a pastor or politician (or debater), the greater their mastery of the English language. Words are the rudimentary elements of communication. Having a varied vocabulary and knowing when and how to use it will give you... read more