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To All the Type A’s

Posted on May 21 by

You’re not all Type A. But a lot of you are.  And so am I. So let’s talk for a minute.  Wikipedia {if I need to write an article defending the general credibility of Wikipedia,...


NITC Pre-camp Webinars

Posted on May 14 by

Ethos is excited to announce the dates for our NCFCA NITC webinars! Please RSVP to if you plan on attending. Attendance is free for all camp...


Debater Spam is Like Email Spam

Posted on Apr 29 by

I have met not only parents and debaters, but even coaches that say something like the following: “It’s ok for one team to make bad arguments and quote evidence that...


A Strategy for Tiny Environmental Cases

Posted on Jan 13 by

This is an outline for cases like manganese drilling, uranium deposits, and anything else that you’ve never heard of until the 1A opened their mouth. A) Examples of past “crises”...


Parli Debaters: Practice this LOC

Posted on Dec 3 by

Simple exercise I did with Graham Stacy and Clare Downing tonight. Go to youtube and find a parli round available on youtube (probably by searching NPDA). Give yourself 15...