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Communication is a discipline, not just a skill. Our training teaches students the discipline it takes to master communication. Ethos practices mentorship, prayer, excellence, and diligence. Join us in the timeless journey of rhetoric.

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The worst ambiguities in NCFCA and Stoa debate theory

Analyze this question: “Where’s the timer?” Doh! Two possible meanings: either we’re missing a device, or an 8-year old. The word “timer” is ambiguous. That’s why I far prefer the words “timepiece” and “timekeeper.” There are many types of ambiguity: Wikipedia says... read more

Everything is Topicality… but what else is there?

Topicality and other theory arguments often get a bad rap in the debate community. Just ask your judge’s “judging philosophy.” They say things like “I don’t ever buy topical counterplans” or “I don’t vote on Topicality.” I find it funny that some people take such hard... read more

Price Drop on Ethos xL

Great news! We just dropped Ethos xL prices from $400 to $275/student for TP or LD. Sign Up Now Thanks for everyone who’s signed up so far! We’re going to retroactively give you a refund. We’ve had calls from coaches in Texas, South Carolina,... read more

Federal Court System – PHC Guest Lecture

Here are my notes from a guest lecture by Tim Snyder, former executive PHC debate coach, highschool and college national-class debater, and current businessman and law student. Surprising Topics to Explore: UCMJ Reform Military Appeals 12 Courts of Appeal Specialized... read more

Some Key Privacy vs. Security Value Debate Themes

We just had an expert speaker at PHC debate camp. I’ve typed up some of the key themes that mattered to debaters. Mr. McPeak – M.A. in Strategic Intelligence, 25+ years in intelligence. Patriot Act: Goal of Financing Terrorist Groups (like ISIS) have to get... read more

Introducing… The Blog: Reorganized

This year, we are determined to provide you with weekly blog updates covering a variety of areas. The new blog will keep you coming back every week to see new and exciting information and tips from Ethos authors. Here’s how it’s going to work. We’re dividing our blog... read more

How to Start or Run a Debate Club: Four Models I Tried

So you were the one voluntold to form or take over leadership of a debate club? Bless you. I’ve been on the leadership and admin team of 4 clubs, and consulted around 20 over the last 10 years. Here are some lessons learned about four different models, and... read more

#2 Team in the USA – Post-Nationals Interview

Cora Alles and Stefanie Klaves agreed to interview with me about their nationals experience, making it to 2nd place on the finals stage in NCFCA team policy for 2015 national championships. There are some great stories in here, getting into the weeds on Syrian Rebels... read more

Time for Something New: the 2015-2016 Stoa LD Resolutions

(One Ethos coach’s perspective on the slate of Stoa LD topics for 2015-16.) There are quite a few things in my life that make me insanely happy. For example, freshly baked quiche, Lady Gaga’s voice, and nongovernmental LD resolutions. The last item on that... read more