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Stoa LD – What’s Different Part 1: The Fact Resolution

It’s been four years since Stoa last employed a fact-value resolution for LD.  So most people debating this year will probably have never debated a fact resolution in a value context yet.  And while the overall structure of the debate will be similar (you still need a... read more

Krazy Kritiks

Just the name itself sounds exotic: “Kritik.” Indeed, in the lands of homeschool debate, the mysterious “K” is a creature of great mythology and scorn. However, outside of the welcoming realm of homeschool debate—especially out in the deserts of public school and... read more

Defining Transportation Policy

Transportation policy.  Two simple words.  One simple term.  Easy enough to debate, easy enough to define.  Right??? Nope.  Sorry, hoss. No matter how you search, you won’t find a credible definition of “transportation policy” on the web.  At least, I haven’t.  If you... read more

3 Keys to Potent Persuasion

Recently, I have been thinking more and more about how the skills we learn in formal rhetoric (i.e. debate) transcend the lectern into real-life. Primary among these skills is the ability to market an idea. Whether you realize it or not, we are constantly marketing... read more

Partnership Primer

Friendship. Drama. Romance. Losing. Horror. Fun. Winning. Enemies. Yeah. There are a lot of things a TP partnership can turn into. If you’ve been debating since you were ten, or just started yesterday, one thing you need to know is this: your partner is your greatest... read more

Sourcebook Sneak Peek! Contents, Dates, and Prices

We’ve been teasing the return of our world-class sourcebook for a while now. And we’ve been receiving questions from a lot of you asking, “When is it going to come out?” “What’s it going to look like?” “How much is it... read more

Stop Wasting Time

Ever met one of those debaters that just seem to get it? You know, the ones that come in at twelve years old and within a year are winning tournaments along with the hearts and minds of their audiences? Well, believe it or not, it’s not always talent that sets these... read more

Lessons learned from XL 2.0

A second-year team went from never advancing to qualifying to NITOC. A second-year LD student qualified to NCFCA Nationals and received second at a National Open. A third-year debater consistently placed first at their tournament. A novice LD debater became second in... read more

Nasty, No-Good Nationalism

In most value resolutions, the things we compare tend to be both very positive.  Liberal arts vs Practical skills.  National security vs freedom of the press.  Needs of the public and private property rights.  But this year’s NCFCA resolution is a bit different, As I... read more

20 Practice Parli Resolutions

For the coming months, Ethos is providing free resources for parliamentary debaters. Throughout this “Parli Series”, I’ll be posting either practice debate resolutions or strategic tips and advice for parliamentary debate. Why Parli? Whether you’re predominantly an... read more

The Stock Issues: A Framework for Life

When it comes to everything from politics, to business, to even teaching, I consider society’s way of making important decisions to be woefully lacking. Of course, I don’t say this every time I am working with a group, but when I turn on the news and see the latest... read more

Announcing Ethos Virtual Camp!

Miss one of our camps? Worried about the incoming debate season? Need a kickstart to prepare? Have no worries! Ethos has you covered. We want everyone to be able to attend an Ethos camp, so we’re providing our first ever fully virtual camp! To get the scoop,... read more

The Big Mistake Everyone Makes in CX

A lot of people (including me) start out by thinking that when you’re being questioned in Cross-Ex, the best thing you can do is drone on for as long as possible on each question, restating your case several times and then capping it off by giving the most ambiguous... read more

The Power of Ethos

It was the National Tournament of 2017, my final and most important high school tournament. I sat outside room E217, waiting for the first Lincoln-Douglas flight to finish for round five. My opponent still hadn’t arrived, but when the first flight let out, I was... read more