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What to Do About Balanced NEGs in LD?

I have an important question for you concerning this year’s resolution. I have several debaters who just switched to LD and are arguing the resolution about education and practical skills. They are taking a balanced negative stance that both practical skills and a... read more

How to Make a Generic Argument on the Fly

Here is an example of making a generic argument on the fly. I’ve had two requests for coaching sessions this week on that topic. There are only two things you need to be able to do it, and it’s the most powerful kind of arguments, so you should be focusing... read more

10 Court Cases You Need to Know About: Part Two

6) Miranda v Arizona Background: Several defendants were questioned while they were in custody and had been cut off from the outside world during their questioning. None of the defendants were informed of their rights before the interrogation. The court ruled that the... read more

10 Court Cases You Need to Know About: Part One

1) Ashwander v Tennessee Valley Authority Background: This case outlines the 7 rules of Judicial Restraint. Basically, it outlines the circumstances in which the court will actually hear a case. 1) The court can only decide on issues that are immediate and pressing.... read more

The Three Things I Keep Telling Students

My Christmas break from college always comes with at least a few requests from students wanting help with debate before the upcoming January qualifier season, which I enjoy obliging. As I’m nearing my 5th year of coaching debate, I realized this Christmas that I... read more

LDers: Ask the Next Question

LD Debaters, With competition season just around the corner, you are no doubt in the thick of writing cases, researching the resolution, or (at the very least) thinking through its two sides. During this time, I urge you to take your analysis a step – or a question –... read more

The 7 Deadly Sins of CX

Unscripted. Fast-paced. No prep time. Cross-examination is the true test of a debater, and my personal favorite in a debate round. It forces you not only to think on your feet, but to reason. It also necessitates a very artful crafting of your questions. This article... read more

Why Debating on Facebook Usually Fails

Do I really need to tell you why this post is necessary? Facebook does not lend itself to the length required to persuade people of important issues, where they may have disagreed before. 1. Debate is argument, not conclusion “A connected series of statements intended... read more

Tournament Tips for Novices

For the love of Redbull, don’t go into your novice tournament season with “we’ll see what happens” as your only preparation. The mystery, pressure, dread, and simultaneous excitement of first-tournaments gets confusing. Don’t let the sea... read more

The Ideal National Champion

Someone sent me an email asking: “What are the qualities found in national champions?” I was unable to write a direct reply. It’s the wrong question. Why? Because it assumes that being a national champion is the goal. So if you’re not, what? Chopped liver? The best... read more

Briefs Aren’t Strategy

Before every tournament, my partner took me outside the registration building and had a pow-wow. He wanted to go through each of our briefs and make a strategy out of them, card by card. These two-hour meetings were stressful. As we watched other debaters enjoy... read more

Five Areas to Improve in Your Debating

Traditional Japanese schoolmasters have an incredibly hands-off method of instruction. Students often find it frustrating. Penmanship class involves the student painstakingly copying their characters, presenting them to their schoolmaster, and receiving cryptic grunts... read more

How to Research (basics) – Webinar by Isaiah

Have you ever sat down to research but didn’t know where to begin? Have you ever spent 5 hours in front of the computer just to find 2 pages of evidence? I know the feeling. In this webinar, Isaiah explains the most effective methods and tools for researching.... read more