Camps: Kickstart Your Season

We’re bringing Ethos coaching to you!  Explore the age-old tradition of rhetoric through the lens of academic debate. Ethos camps aren’t about lifehacks. We won’t stuff briefs and cases in your face and tell you what to say. Instead, we’ll teach you how to think. If you’re interested in holistic debating, true education, and learning the “why’s” of debate, then come join us this summer.

Ethos 2017 Camp Registration

Click a city to register. Registration is live, but it’s not too late to book a camp. Interested in bringing Ethos to your area? Email

Interested in what happens at an Ethos summer camp? Not only do we have loads of fun, but we dive into millennia of history in Classical Rhetoric, give you the tools you need to excel at whatever format you participate in, and give you a headstart by debating the new resolutions right when they’re released! Join us and we’ll help you harness the best version of yourself.

Take a look at our YouTube channel to see lectures from one of our past camps and check out our camp overview here: Ethos2017CampObjectives.pdf

We can’t wait to see you.