Ethos North Austin:


What’s happening in North Austin?

This summer, Ethos is hosting a groundbreaking novice camp North Austin. We’ve designed this camp to introduce novice debaters, whether they’ve gotten started in debate or not, to multiple forms of debate and a solid foundation. Here’s what you need to know:


August 3rd-5th


9:00 AM – 4:00 PM


At this camp, it’s novices only. We classify novice as one year or less of experience.


Emily Rose:

Emily weaves the classical threads of ancient philosophy into all of her coaching. Her focus is never the “tricks of debate”, but rather the “why debate”, followed by “how to debate”. Her philosophy holds that technique is secondary to logic and “the deeper why”. Students use technique as a shortcut to success, but Emily recognizes that success is a longer road with a deeper foundation. She will coach your thinking before your counterplan theory. Although she’ll be ecstatic to coach your counterplan theory too.


  • 2015 Regional Extemp Champion
  • 2015 NCFCA Nationals 2nd Place Team Policy Speaker
  • Emily’s students this year:
    • Second-year team went from never advancing to qualifying to NITOC
      Second-year LDer qualified to NCFCA Nationals and received second at a National Open
      Third-year TP students went from barely advancing to second in their region
      Third-year debater won multiple tournaments and qualified to NITOC
      Novice LD debater became second in her region
      Started and coached novice LD club from no debate knowledge to finals in their region


Shenandoah Baptist Church
3003 Blue Ridge Dr.
Cedar Park, TX 78613


BYOL. Go ahead and pack a sack lunch or gather some friends and order pizza!


Why would I come to North Austin?

We believe that excellence doesn’t come through shortcuts and winning the talent lottery. Rather, excellence is fostered and grown through constant effort and discipline. If you’re interested in obtaining the tools necessary to foster excellence, then come on down.


How do I sign up?

Pricing and Registration:

Student pricing is $99 per student. Sign up below!

Novice Camp Ticket
Student Name(s)
Parent Email

Boring Details:


Ethos will refund 75% of the registration fee if a student cancels prior to July 10th. After that, there are no refunds. If there’s a serious emergency, we will flex as much as possible.


Partial and occasionally full scholarships are available for those in true need. Please email to explain your need.


Parents and coaches always attend Ethos camps at no charge. If there is interest, we will have a parent-focused breakout session. Dozens of parents have learned to debate at Ethos camps.

Age Eligibility:

13-18 years old. For an exception, email


See you there!