Programs: Let's Get You to the Next Level

Ethos offers programs and workshops all throughout the year in order to help you improve. Whether preparing for Nationals, Regionals, your next tournament, or even life, Ethos hopes to helps you along the way.  Here’s what we currently have up our sleeves:

Summer Seminar in Rhetorical Reasoning:

Presented by Dr. James Tallmon, Rhetoric Ph.D.

Ethos is proud to announce the Summer Seminar in Rhetorical Reasoning presented by Rhetoric expert, Dr. James Tallmon. Ethos teaches all disciplines from a framework of Classical Rhetoric and finds that the knowledge gleaned from it are the most vital for life-long success. Click here for more information or to sign up!

The seminar will entail one-hour discussions, once a week, for 12 weeks. We will begin with my introductory remarks, then cover roughly one essay per week, with discussions of lengthier essays spilling over into the following week. No assignments other than reading and coming to class prepared to ask questions and share your thoughts! The July  17 session will be streamed live from Cheyenne, Wyoming, the site of the annual conference of the Consortium for Classical Lutheran Education.   Thank you to Ethos Debate, LLC and Wittenberg Academy for helping me transition to life as an author and independent professor of rhetoric.

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