Master classical rhetoric: the light-side discipline of wisdom that moves society toward the good.

Communication is a discipline, not just a skill. Our training teaches students the discipline it takes to master communication. Ethos practices mentorship, prayer, excellence, and diligence. Join us in the timeless journey of rhetoric.

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Writing In Real Life

On Wednesday, I told you that we're on the hunt for some new Ethos team members. Since then, I've gotten resumes, writing samples--and questions. Questions about Ethos, about the blog, about writing. And as I look over them, I keep coming back to one core idea: what...

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Wanted: Ethos Bloggers

One day in September, I got an email welcoming me to the Ethos team. I’d seen a post asking for applicants, sent in my resume, and landed a spot as a blogger. That was two years ago, almost to the day. Since then, I’ve gotten to see hundreds of posts from other...

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Ethos Sourcebooks Are Here!

The Ethos Sourcebooks are up for purchase! Are you ready for this debate season to get started?? Ethos has a long legacy of publishing only the best content. We put together an all-star team of researchers to do some intensive research for the Stoa and NCFCA...

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Persuasive Inoculation

This post is from longtime debater and speaker Catherine Alles. Catherine competed in TP with NCFCA for 5 years, and qualified to Nationals all 4 years of high school. Look for more posts from her over the next few months! When a doctor injects a patient with a...

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Twenty (More) Practice Parli Resolutions

To improve in Parliamentary Debate, debaters must consistently break down a variety of resolutions across a wide range of subject areas and have high-quality practice rounds. Here are 20 resolutions to jumpstart your practice! This is the only the beginning—Ethos will...

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A Beginners Guide to Debate Ethics and Etiquette

Treat your opponent with respect. Aside from that, what basic rules (do’s and don’ts) apply?  This post applies to TP and LD specific rounds - but also to any debate style or format. Here is a simple starter list of things to be aware of. It is not a comprehensive...

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HUGE Ethos Updates: NSDA, Sourcebook, Coaches, and MORE!

What has Ethos been up to this last year, and even better, WHAT is going to happen next!? This summer, Ethos completed several camps nationwide: we taught more than 200+ debaters and kept the Ethos model rolling. Here are a few things to look forward to this upcoming...

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Why You Should Share Your 1AC – With Everyone

This is an adapted version of a lecture Isaiah McPeak gave in 2012 at debate camps nationwide. As Team Policy debaters prepare for the new debate season this coming fall, the time and thrill of researching new cases will also come full swing. With this time,...

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How to Make Your Audience Laugh

Almost all of us have been there. Sitting, listening to a speaker or a debater, laughing blissfully. At that moment, the speaker has the audience practically in his or her palm. Later, we will try those same tactics we heard, only to be greeted with awkward moments....

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How to Run and Coach a Debate Club

  Isaiah McPeak posted in 2015, showcasing 4 different case studies of how to start a club. Two of those models, I ended up coaching long after he had moved on. I helped coach the PHC BP team, as well as Vector Debate (for 2 years). This post, however, is...

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How Much Passion is Too Much?

Passion can be a cornerstone for an effective or persuasive speech. Many speeches on certain subjects don't need it, but many do. It's a hard delineation to find. If you've ever seen a speaker with too much passion, you know how easy it is to become quickly annoyed. A...

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The Most Watched TED Talk Ever

All things considered, competing in debate was one of the highlights of my high school and college experience. Sparring intellectually was only part of it. The most helpful part, however, was learning to read, analyze, and persuade people through written or verbal...

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Isaiah McPeak is Coaching Again!

Hello Ethos Family, Go ahead and recall the best debate round you’ve ever seen. Or even better, recall in your head one of the several orators that you idolize, or maybe a speech that has remained in your memory since you heard it first.  Ever wondered if it would be...

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