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Communication is a discipline, not just a skill. Our training teaches students the discipline it takes to master communication. Ethos practices mentorship, prayer, excellence, and diligence. Join us in the timeless journey of rhetoric.

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Lessons learned from XL 2.0

A second-year team went from never advancing to qualifying to NITOC. A second-year LD student qualified to NCFCA Nationals and received second at a National Open. A third-year debater consistently placed first at their tournament. A novice LD debater became second in... read more

Nasty, No-Good Nationalism

In most value resolutions, the things we compare tend to be both very positive.  Liberal arts vs Practical skills.  National security vs freedom of the press.  Needs of the public and private property rights.  But this year’s NCFCA resolution is a bit different, As I... read more

20 Practice Parli Resolutions

For the coming months, Ethos is providing free resources for parliamentary debaters. Throughout this “Parli Series”, I’ll be posting either practice debate resolutions or strategic tips and advice for parliamentary debate. Why Parli? Whether you’re predominantly an... read more

The Stock Issues: A Framework for Life

When it comes to everything from politics, to business, to even teaching, I consider society’s way of making important decisions to be woefully lacking. Of course, I don’t say this every time I am working with a group, but when I turn on the news and see the latest... read more

Announcing Ethos Virtual Camp!

Miss one of our camps? Worried about the incoming debate season? Need a kickstart to prepare? Have no worries! Ethos has you covered. We want everyone to be able to attend an Ethos camp, so we’re providing our first ever fully virtual camp! To get the scoop,... read more

The Big Mistake Everyone Makes in CX

A lot of people (including me) start out by thinking that when you’re being questioned in Cross-Ex, the best thing you can do is drone on for as long as possible on each question, restating your case several times and then capping it off by giving the most ambiguous... read more

The Power of Ethos

It was the National Tournament of 2017, my final and most important high school tournament. I sat outside room E217, waiting for the first Lincoln-Douglas flight to finish for round five. My opponent still hadn’t arrived, but when the first flight let out, I was... read more

Higher Education Research

The first canon of rhetoric is discovery. This means that before communicating any idea to someone, we need to spend time researching, learning, and discovering. When preparing for a new debate topic, that means viewing our research as exploration, not shopping. We... read more

Crafting Common Ground

If you’ve ever been to an Ethos camp, you know how much we stress the importance of finding common ground in debate. Our passion is to foster healthy communication in all aspects of life and we’ve found that identifying common ground and shared assumptions... read more

A Primer on Nationalism and Globalism

Notwithstanding our initial portending of an abysmal debate season, hope glimmers on the horizon for NCFCA’s 2017-2018 LD resolution. For some, the probability of insuperable prejudice, rampant definition clashes, and skewed applications renders the debate landscape... read more

Transportation Policy: 3 Big Themes You Need to Know

  Ahhh summer. Don’t you love it? 3 months of long days filled with nothing but long walks on the beach and long naps in the sun. And also, DEBATEEEEEEEE! If you’re like the average debater, then you’ve probably already spent AT LEAST five hours looking into your... read more

Ethos + COG = Your Sourcebook Dream

  As most of you know, we’re relaunching our world-class sourcebook this year and it’s going to be better than ever! We have 15 phenomenal authors who have begun researching and writing for next year’s release. We can’t wait until... read more

STOA 2017-18 LD: Ethos Interviews Dr. Joe Dunn

Get ahead on this year’s STOA LD resolution by getting an overview of the topic and having your questions asked and answered. Ethos’ Emily Rose interviews political scientist, history buff, and war veteran Dr. Joe Dunn on the subject of preemptive war.... read more