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Communication is a discipline, not just a skill. Our training teaches students the discipline it takes to master communication. Ethos practices mentorship, prayer, excellence, and diligence. Join us in the timeless journey of rhetoric.

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Transportation Policy: Start Your Engines!

Nowhere in the legislative landscape that constitutes the geopolitical makeup of America’s governing body is the mechanics of “efficient policy” more scrutinized (on a federal, municipal, and even local level) than in every single policy dealing with mass... read more

Start with Why

In both debate circles and the “real-world”, it’s a shame that bad arguments prevail. But it’s not the blatantly false arguments which remain; rather, it’s the appealing and seemingly simple points which misguide listeners and debaters alike. These arguments become... read more

Policy First

Value vs. Policy- a foundational conflict, like the one between liberty and security, or that between deontology and consequentialism (now you can probably tell which side I fall on).  While individual debaters have to rely on their experiences and feelings in order... read more

Why You Should Debate in the NSDA

The National Speech and Debate Association (NSDA) has gotten quite the bad rap from the homeschool community (and some of it is certainly legitimate), but it’s not as bad as many make it out to be. In fact, there are many great educational opportunities you can gain... read more

How and Why You Should Only Argue for What You Believe

Here’s a question I sent to Isaiah: I’m trying to discern how we can stick true to our principles as truth-seekers and only argue for positions we believe in and still debate resolutions we inherently disagree with. Like in the ‘USFG should guarantee a... read more

How to Improve Fluency and Clarity in Speaking

Although I’ve had success in debate, I’ve never been a fluent nor eloquent speaker. Unfortunately, I never committed to improving my extemporaneous delivery until my senior year. This post is lengthy, but if you read through and put into practice what I’m... read more

Fail Well

As I write this, I’m jam-packed in between all 6 of my siblings, way too many pillows, never enough snacks, and stacks of suit bags in our family’s van as we head to NITOC. The national tournament for Stoa begins Monday, NCFCA kicks off in 18 days, and NSDA kicks off... read more

The Ethos Guide to the 2017-2018 NCFCA LD Resolutions

Blah-blah-blah. Hot off the presses! New resolutions! We’ve published four of these bad boys in the past month so you know the drill. 😉  Check out our TP analysis here as well as our analysis for Stoa’s resolutions here and here! Without further ado, here... read more

The Ethos Guide to the 2017-2018 NCFCA Policy Resolutions

The new resolutions for NCFCA have just been released! And since everyone who’s done policy debate over the past two years is DONE talking about China, we’ve got domestic resolutions out the wazoo! Let’s check them out from the perspective of four... read more

Hearts Over Minds #2: The Fairness Debate

In my last post, we covered that in order to be effective communicators, not only must we cater to the audience’s mind, but to the audience’s heart. Let’s apply this to a specific example: fairness. In short, not only must you win the flow, you must win on... read more

To The Disappointed

I watched as you came to Regionals, practically vibrating with anticipation. You had to make every round count because you didn’t know if this chance would be your last: your last chance to speak; your last chance to debate. It was your last chance to qualify for... read more

How to Beat a Surprise Case

You just had a great affirmative round, and now as negative, you are waiting for the affirmative to give their case, for which you and your partner are well prepared. However, halfway through his introduction, a grave realization sets in: you have no idea what he’s... read more

500th Blog Post!!! A History and Vision for Ethos

Well Ladies and Gents, pour the champagne, light the fireworks, and pull out the party hats because here we are. This is the 500th blog post published on the Ethos website. Thank you. Thank you to those who believed in Ethos since the beginning. Thanks to everyone... read more

Hearts over Minds #1: How to win the moral high ground

“May I say that I have not thoroughly enjoyed serving with humans? I find their illogic and foolish emotions a constant irritant.” – Spock, played by Leonard Nimoy. Sometimes I wish that humans were all like Spock, but it’s not true. In reality, a heart is what... read more

Lifting the Curse of Knowledge

  You’re feeling great. You’re feeling ecstatic. You’re feeling like you’re going to win. You responded to every single critique, turned every DA, and defended every advocate. Over 15 of your friends watched the round, and every single one of them said you were... read more