Ethos XL 3.0 – You-Driven Coaching

Get the most out of your debate season with the guidance of an Ethos coach.

Check out how we’re learning and constantly improving! (XL 1.0 Lessons Learned) and (XL 2.0 Lessons Learned)

Meet Your Gold Coaches

Emily Rose

Coach - TP, LD, Parli, Jrs, Speech

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Chris Ostertag

Coach - LD, TP

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Devin Radford

Coach – LD, Parli, TP, Speech

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Thaddeus Tague

Coach – All Debate Formats, Speech

Ethos Bio – Thaddeus is unable to take on more students until further notice.

Meet Your Silver Coaches

Drew Magness

Coach - TP, LD, Parli, Speech

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Joel Erickson

Coach - LD, Speech

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Joshua Hu

Coach - TP, LD

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Why study with Ethos? Here’s just a glimpse of how our students improved last year:

  • A second-year team went from never advancing to qualifying to NITOC.
  • A second-year LD student qualified to NCFCA Nationals and received second at a National Open.
  • A third-year debater consistently placed first at their tournament.
  • A novice LD debater became second in her region.
  • A third-year team went from barely advancing to second in their region.
  • A novice LD club moved from no debate knowledge to finals in their region.
  • A second-year LD debater moved from moderately successful to two-time tournament champion.A second-year LD debater moved from never advancing to elimination rounds to advancing to finals.
  • An LD novice regularly advanced deep into elimination rounds.
  • A Team Policy debater moved from hating LD to advancing to quarterfinals.
  • A student advanced from inconsistent success to placing 6th overall in the nation.
  • A student advanced from moderate success to first in his state overall and Ziggy Online Debate Champion

And that’s just the highlight reel!! Ethos students accomplished over 100 individual goals last season leading to tournament-by-tournament improvement.

What XL 3.0 looks like:

Skill Focus

Too much debate coaching is skin-deep. We practice simply by listening to someone pontificate, reading a textbook, or just practicing a debate round. While each of those practices has a purpose, we teach debate like soccer. When a soccer player practices, they pick a skill and practice that skill until they’ve honed it to perfection. That’s the difference between focusing on the hardest part of your piano song and playing it until it’s pretty and just playing the whole song through while rushing through the rough bits. Through debate coaching, we’ll identify a skill that needs improvement and we’ll work on it until it’s second nature.


With this skill focus, we’ll help students develop goals to level-up in their skills as well as season-long goals to drive students and reassess by the end of the year. We help students create skill-based goals as well as achievement-based goals. Building goals that are focused on skills rather than on specific outcomes helps students find that one thing they need to focus on and immediately improve.

In-Tournament Support

Like we mentioned earlier, our coaches receive dozens of calls and text messages throughout the season from students who need help brainstorming, prepping a parli round, or just need a shoulder to cry on. Our coaches are here for you.

Debate Rounds

Debate your coach (or recruit your own opponents) to put into practice the skills you are gaining. We ran over dozens of coach-student debates last year, and many felt these were the best debates they had to learn from. We’ll stop-start key points related to goals, and also debrief at the end.

How it Works:

Step 1: Goal Setting – Individual and Club

At the beginning of the program, meet one-on-one with your coach to set personal goals. Your coach will help you achieve these goals and at the end of the year, you can review what you accomplished. Clubs that sign up will also form club objectives. These form our objective-driven curriculum.

Step 2: Objective-Driven Curriculum

If you’ve ever worked with Ethos, you know we don’t like lesson plans and schedules, because they’re too rigid for the adaptive and hyper-individualized nature of that subjectless subject, rhetoric.

After a one-on-one goals session, coaches will create a curriculum for debaters to follow throughout the year. Coaches will improve and modify the curriculum as debaters progress. We have over 100 pages of our own internal coaching plans, a book, 500 blogs, and over 50 videos of our own to draw on, in addition to pointing to outside resources and objectives.

Step 3: Scheduled Meetings Online

Your coach will meet with you according to the schedule of your package, and help you cross off objectives quickly and thoroughly. Sometimes that will mean teaching, sometimes coaching, sometimes motivating, sometimes researching side-by-side staring at a Google Doc, sometimes helping prep a case/round, and sometimes debating each other. Our coaches help find what you need and get ‘er done. That’s why we coach debate like it’s soccer, not a college class.

But is Coaching really worth it?

A coach helps you tune up and taste success in a moment, not by decoding six ballots after your chance to practice. Plus coaches have expertise to point you in the right direction and motivate you to take a larger leap. Forego one tournament’s costs and get a whole season of guidance from a national-class coach – it’s more valuable if your goal is improvement.

Are you serious about improvement? Then sign up for Ethos XL and prepare for your best season yet.

Packages and Pricing 

All of our coaching services are bought by the hour. For the price of a private piano lesson, you’re investing into the most important skills you can ever learn! This year, we’re offering a variety of discounted coaching packages that can be divided up however you wish. Want to do one session and then wait a month before you do your next one? That’s fine with us. We’ve named them based on how we suggest using coaching: one session a week. That rate typically allows a healthy coach-student relationship to flourish and creates a perfect environment for incremental improvement.

Our packages range from 4 hour bundles to 50 hours. Each package is 15% off the normal coaching rate. You’re saving dozens, if not hundreds of dollars by buying in bulk. However, if you just need 1-3 hours of coaching for some quick help, we’re still doing that!

Our coaches are devoted to your success. If you buy a coaching package, all of our coaches will offer call/text support at your tournaments as much as possible. Need help for parli prep? Our coaches will jump on a google doc and outline some strategies. About to hit the best debater in your region in semifinals? Our coaches will call you and help you devise a plan of attack. Failed to break at nationals? Our coaches have faced failure before and will give you a call to help you process those emotions.

Either pick a coach below or fill out a contact form and allow us to match you with your best fit.

We want you to break past all of your barriers and we’ll do everything it takes to make that happen.

1-3 Hours with a Gold Coach:

  • 1-3 hours of coaching at normal rates of $45 an hour.

  • Perfect for a case review, tournament prep, or quick drill learning.

Choose your coach

1-3 Hours with a Silver Coach:

  • 1-3 hours of coaching at normal rates of $30 an hour.

  • Perfect for a case review, tournament prep, or quick drill learning.

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One Month Package:

  • 4 hours of coaching

  • Gold package saves you $27.

  • Silver package saves you $18

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Two Month Package:

  • 10 hours

  • Gold package saves you $62

  • Silver package saves you $45

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Semester Package: 

  • 20 hours

  • Gold package saves you $135

  • Silver package saves you $90

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Season Package:

  • 40 hours

  • Gold package saves you $270

  • Silver package saves you $180

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Ultimate Package:

  • 50 hours

  • Gold package saves you $340

  • Silver package saves you $225

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