Our Vision

To foster wise decision-making


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Putting it Into Practice

In today’s world, decisions are too often made based on empty rhetoric, poor analysis, and sophistry. Ethos’ mission is to foster wise decision-making in our culture by teaching critical thinking and communications skills, from a framework of ethics. Just as a martial artist school spends time training in the philosophy of martial arts so that the skills are only used for good, our speech and debate training is intended to help people move towards what is good: wisdom, calmness in argument, analytical reasoning, researching thought-through opinions, and integrity.

Students spend years in debate forming habits of thought and action. In our view, though debate is a sport and a competition it is not a “game” that simply must be won within the rules. It requires a mindset and discipline to principle that shapes the soul for a lifetime.

Flowing from this mission are the ways we plan to achieve it:

Quality Information — A wise person takes into account many inputs of information, even those he does not agree with, to test and arrive at the truth. Ethos seeks to guide students to the best sources of quality information and teach proper evaluation of them.

Quality Instruction — Expert, seasoned instructors are often necessary to help a student achieve their full potential and challenge themselves to grow in character and wisdom, not merely skill.

Open Information — Wisdom is usually best achieved through more information. Where possible, Ethos seeks to facilitate broad and open pathways of information.

Truth Foremost — That there is truth and it must be found is the central tenet and purpose of education. Truth provides purpose and value.

Educator Assistance — While we are always growing in our ability to educate, we can also assist others in their ability to educate. Sometimes this is motivation, other times guidance in strategy, and still others it is providing resources with which to teach.

Mentorship — Ultimately, the personal lives of students should be impacted if anything is to grow besides their head. This means that we mentor through quality relationships as many students as possible, including the staff that works for Ethos.