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Amelia Buzzard

Amelia Buzzard feels most at home in any variety of design. Her style tends towards a sleek minimalism, but she can adapt to fit the brand of any client, be it peppy popart or boho maximalism. Though relatively new to coding, Amelia has been designing websites with intuitive tools since the age of 14, when she started her own blog (it’s still active! www.rasmusen.org/special/ameliajane). She is excited to be able to help Jadon, her husband,¬† with the visual and marketing aspects of running a business. So far, she has redesigned¬†www.ethosdebate.com, as well as created merchandise for Ethos debaters, ranging from laptop stickers to hoodies. In addition to creating the visual aspects of websites, Amelia is also proficient in writing user-friendly website content. She can optimize SEO, increasing your site’s ranking in the Google results. She can cut down your overly-wordy paragraphs to punchy catchphrases. And she can help you develop a strategy to effectively communicate exactly what makes YOUR product unique, boosting views and sales.

If you like this website’s design and need some help with yours, say hi @ ajanerasmusen@gmail.com.