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Isaiah McPeak

Isaiah’s Top Workshop Topics:

  • Classical Rhetoric Tools for Critical Thinking
  • Build a Business/Entrepreneurship/Strategic Offsite
  • Build a Killer Presentation (Prezi, PowerPoint, sales meeting, VC pitches, etc)
  • Novice Debate (LD, TP, Parli)
  • Intermediate and Advanced Debate Workshops (LD, TP, Parli, Moot Court, Mock Trial)
  • Midseason Debate Strategy & Skills


Cost: $2,000 +travel for a 2/day seminar


Abbey Lovett

Seminar Options

  • Using your speaking to become more Persuasive
  • Limited Prep Speaking
  • Speech Workshop
  • Business/Entrepreneurship
  • Pre-tournament Prep
  • Achieve your own objectives

Cost: $1,000 +travel for a 2-day seminar