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Want to improve in public speaking, debate, analysis, strategy, apologetics, and other life-skills? Instructors help you develop short-term goals that work towards your long-term goals; and, unlike those flute lessons, we guarantee that you will use these skills on a daily basis for the rest of your life. All you could need to know about our coaching programs, in one place. Don’t see what you need? Let us help.

Information on Private Coaching:

Four steps to having your own private coach.

  1. Choose a coach. See who’s available on our Team page, and read their profiles to see who is right for you. Not sure who would be the best fit? Just reach out and speak with our Coaching Director who will personally connect you with the best coach!
  2. Know our prices. Coaching prices are a lot like music lessons, at $45/hour for all of our coaches.
  3. Contact us. Click the Book a Coach tab above, fill out the form, and click “Submit”! We’ll reply within 24 hours and get you set up.
  4. Meet your coach. We will send you information on the person who will work with you. Communicate with them about your schedule and goals. The rest is history.


What Does Ethos Coach?

We’re not just a debate coaching company anymore:

  • All forms of debate (Think your form of debate is too niche? Try us and be pleasantly surprised.)
  • All forms of speeches
  • Corporate/political presentations
  • Interview training
  • Negotiation training
  • Political debates
  • Powerpoints
  • Academic writing
  • Classical rhetoric
  • Logic
  • Philosophy

Real-World Framework

We teach students to test ideas and strategies in context with the real world because rhetoric is the subjectless subject; it is a potent force multiplier for other disciplines, but is meaningless if studied in a vacuum.

Debate as a Dicipline

Students spend years in debate forming habits of thought and action. In our view, though debate is a sport and a competition it is not a “game” that simply must be won within the rules. It requires a mindset and discipline to principle that shapes the soul for a lifetime.

Wisdom Focused

We foster wise decision making by teaching critical thinking and communications skills from a framework of ethics. Just as a martial artist school spends time training in the philosophy of martial arts so that the skills are only used for good, our speech and debate training intends to move people towards calmness in argument, analytical reasoning, well-researched opinions, and integrity.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

The learning curve for Mock Trial is very steep, however the fantastic coaching of Tim Snyder and the McPeaks made it much more manageable. Their deep understanding of Mock Trial fundamentals and technique were vital to our teams success. Be it from prompt responses to emails or immediate feedback after the rounds they were always there helping us grow as presenters.”

Mock Trial Student

If you want to take your debate game to the next level, I would highly recommend Ethos. Isaiah coached my novice LD daughter in all aspects of debate — from case building and analysis, strategic planning and organization, to cohesive articulation of important arguments. The coaching was well-rounded and effective — focusing on the areas of her weakness. Isaiah’s coaching culminated with my daughter winning the NCFCA Regional LD Championship as well winning 1st place LD speaker at the same tournament. If you’re serious about debate, look no further.”

Peggy Ridgeway

Over the course of two years, I’ve gone from being an average three-points-and-a-conclusion forensics kid to being a National Champion.  What made such a huge impact?  Ethos coaching.  From the get go, the Ethos team cared, not just about me as a student, but about me as an individual.  They were able to focus in specifically on what I needed to improve and coach me to that next level.  I wasn’t taught how to improve a specific speech; instead, I was coached through thought processes, figures of speech, and real world principles applicable to improving my communication as a whole.  Ethos has not only changed the way I write speeches, but the way I think.  Without the last two years of private coaching, there most certainly wouldn’t be a first place trophy sitting on my shelf right now.”

Speech Student

Want More Info?

To learn more about rates, available coaches, club coaching, or anything else, send us a message. We’ll be happy to help.