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COG Backfiles

All COG sourcebooks from 2009-2016

Debate Persona Template

Use this to help define your persona as a debater, so you’re not a debatebot.

Figures of Speech Handout

The handout from camps with quotes to imitate for your own figures.

Goalsheet Template

This spreadsheet is how Lone Star CC and the Ethos XL program track goals.

Teaching Plan: Disadvantages

Use this to teach how to structure and strategically think about disadvantages and their responses.

Figures of Speech Prezi

Feel free to use this overview of figuring speech. It goes with the handout also on this page.

Generic Brief: Good Policy Criteria

National Champion 1AC

In 2010, Josiah McPeak and Patrick Shipsey won NCFCA team policy nationals. This was their case.

Example Goals-Criterion Case

Notice that the weighing mechanism quotes from existing law to establish the goal.

Generic Brief: Pilot Projects

Generic Brief: Vague Mandates

Generic Brief: Evidence Standards