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Dr. James Tallmon


Dr. James M. Tallmon taught rhetoric at the college level from the time he entered graduate school, for thirty years, until he left the ivory tower to be headmaster of Trinity Lutheran School in Cheyenne, WY. He also taught grades 7 & 8 at Trinity Cheyenne. Dr. Tallmon and his wife, Bonnie, recently relocated to Austin, TX to be near family.

Dr. Tallmon was Director of Debate at Patrick Henry College (where he worked alongside Isaiah McPeak.) Tallmon serves on the Board of Directors for the Consortium for Classical Lutheran Education. He is also a member of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod’s Blue Ribbon Task Force on Education. He holds his Ph.D. in Rhetoric & Ethics from the University of Washington (1993) and his web home is the Rhetoric Ring (www.rhetoricring.com) which is hosted by Ethos Debate.  Dr. Tallmon specializes in teaching students to utilize classical reasoning in contemporary applications. He teaches argumentation & debate, leadership in process improvement teams, the ethics of the human side of quality, rhetorical theory, project management, and speech.  In short, Dr. Tallmon teaches Rhetorical Intelligence.


Book Dr. Tallmon for $75/hour.