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Ethos Legends

Ethos Legends is a comprehensive online debate resource for Team Policy, LD, and Parli debaters. It runs from September through April. Staffed by former national champs and current collegiate debaters, Legends exists to help you succeed in debate. 

Whether you’re a debater without a club, a novice learning the ropes, or an advanced competitor looking for like-minded friends, Ethos Legends is a community for you.


Access to the Ethos Legends Discord, where you get 24/7 access to the Ethos coaching staff.

Monthly debate briefs, freshly cut by our sourcebook team.

Weekly lectures on theory, strategy, and topic analysis.

Exclusive discounts on Ethos sourcebooks/midseason, camps, and products.

Practice rounds and evidence sharing.

Access to exclusive backfiles and generics.

And more!


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Our methods work.

Ethos Legends has helped dozens of debaters exceed their goals. Check out what they have to say.

“After becoming involved with Ethos Legends, I’ve broken in every tournament I’ve done so far save one, achieved a 6-0 record, been awarded as the 6th best speaker Regionally, and am now heading off the Nationals — all in my second year. I credit the majority of my understanding of debate to Ethos, because I think no one understands debate’s core and theory as much as its coaches.”

Joseph L.

Team Policy

“I started off this year being a super horrible speaker and debater. Never broke in speeches, never debated in debate outrounds. Then, I joined Ethos legends. Now, I’m qualified to nationals in team policy, moot court, and informative. Ethos Legends changed my life.”

Justin M.

“Ethos legends is AMAZING. Their coaches are always there for reserach help and have the most brilliant brains to pick at. Thanks to all their help I placed first at my regional tournament! They even were helping me mid-tournament, in between rounds. Could not have done it without them!”

Yakira C.

“Going into this year I’d never broken before in 3 years of LD. I was trying out TP for the first time. Now about 6 months later I’m at my first regionals and in 40 days will be my first nats. Without Ethos (and Andrew) I don’t find myself getting anywhere near this. #EthosLegendForLife”

John W.

“Ethos took me from the breaks once and does garbage the rest of the year kid to now breaking at all but 1 tournament, having a 4th place, and qualifying to nationals.

Paul W.