Ethos Legends

Launch Date: September 1, 2020


Ethos Legends is our official high school debate club for Team Policy, LD, and Parli debaters. The club is staffed by former national champs and current collegiate debaters, and their sole duty is to help you succeed in debate. As a club member, you’ll get a host of exclusive benefits, including:

Access to the Ethos Legends Discord.

Weekly lectures on theory, strategy, and topic analysis.

Exclusive discounts on Ethos sourcebooks/midseason, camps, and products.

Free daily debate materials and cards.

Practice rounds and evidence sharing.

Free coaching by some of the absolute best minds in debate

Access to exclusive backfiles and generics.

Ethos merch, stickers, etc.

And more!

Whether you’re a debater without a club, a novice learning the ropes, or an advanced debater just wanting a community, Ethos Legends is a community for you. 

Sign up for Ethos Legends!

Once you purchase a subscription and create an account, you’ll have exclusive access to our members-only download section! Expect an Ethos coach to contact you soon regarding access to the Discord community.