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Ethos XL 2.0 – Online Debate Coaching

Get the most out of your debate season with the guidance of an Ethos coach from September – nationals. (XL 1.0 Lessons Learned)

Meet the Coaches

Isaiah McPeak

Isaiah McPeak

Director of Coaching

Emily Rose

Emily Rose

Coach – TP, Jrs, LD, Speech

Abbey Lovett

Abbey Lovett

Coach – TP, LD, Speech, Parli

Devin Radford

Devin Radford

Coach – LD, Parli

Packages and Pricing 

Club Package*

  • One club meeting per month (1.5 hours)

  • One-on-one goals session with each team (30 minutes)

  • 3 private coaching sessions per team (1 hour)

  • *Starts at 3 members; each additional member +$130, for which we’ll invoice

LD Package – Individual

  • One goal-setting session

  • Two coaching sessions/rounds per month

  • Personalized individual curriculum

  • Call/text support at tournaments

Team Package – TP/Parli/2 LDers

  • One goal-setting session

  • Two coaching sessions/rounds per month

  • Personalized individual curriculum

  • Call/text support at tournaments

Choose Your Coach

Choose Your Coach

Choose Your Coach

Why study with Ethos? Here’s what students have to say…

For my first two years, I had been debating in a box without realizing it. Isaiah took the “rules” that had been restricting me, and threw them out the window.

Noah Howard

This year I became aware that the only thing holding me back from achieving my goals in debate was myself. Ethos played a great role in my realization of this. Through their superb coaching and online content, Ethos didn’t create a love of debate within me, but rather they played off of one that was already there.

Noah Amedick

Ethos widened my perspective of debate.  I went from thinking that I needed to tell the judge which stock issue I was on to realizing that I need to advise the judge on their decision in a fun and inventive manner

Catherine Ledoux

Ethos teaches one not to do but how to think. If you’re looking for success in a step-by-step way, you won’t find it. Ethos trains you to think for yourself, enhance your knowledge and critically think in a moment of crisis. You will enhance your mind, and if you apply yourself, you WILL see a vast difference in your personal performance.

Mikayla Simpson

What 2.0 looks like:

One-on-One Coaching Sessions 

The most successful part of XL 1.0 was the private coaching sessions, where you get personalized training to further your goals. Every bundle includes some amount of private coaching sessions.

Choose your coach 

Contrary to last year’s class, XL 2.0 allows you to choose who you work with. Take a look at your coaching options below! Your coach is the coach for a whole season.

Debate rounds 

Debate your coach (or recruit your own opponents) to put into practice the skills you are gaining. We ran over 25 coach-student debates last year, and many felt these were the best debates they had to learn from. We’ll stop-start key points related to goals, and also debrief at the end.

How it Works:

Step 1: Goal Setting – Individual and Club

At the beginning of the program, meet one-on-one with your coach to set personal goals. Your coach will help you achieve these goals and at the end of the year, you can review what you accomplished. Clubs that sign up will also form club objectives. These form our objective-driven curriculum.

Step 2: Objective-Driven Curriculum

If you’ve ever worked with Ethos, you know we don’t like lesson plans and schedules, because they’re too rigid for the adaptive and hyper-individualized nature of that subjectless subject, rhetoric.

After a one-on-one goals session, coaches will create a curriculum for debaters to follow throughout the year. Coaches will improve and modify the curriculum as debaters progress. We have over 100 pages of our own internal coaching plans, plus a book, 300 blogs, and over 50 videos of our own to draw on, in addition to pointing to outside resources and objectives.

Step 3: Scheduled Meetings Online

Your coach will meet with you according to the schedule of your package, and help you cross off objectives quickly and thoroughly. Sometimes that will mean teaching, sometimes coaching, sometimes motivating, sometimes researching side-by-side staring at a Google Doc, sometimes helping prep a case/round, and sometimes debating each other. Our coaches help find what you need and get ‘er done. That’s why we coach debate like it’s soccer, not a college class.

But is Coaching really worth it?

A coach helps you tune up and taste success in a moment, not by decoding six ballots after your chance to practice. Plus coaches have expertise to point you in the right direction and motivate you to take a larger leap. Forego one tournament’s costs and get a whole season of guidance from a national-class coach – it’s more valuable if your goal is improvement.


Intensive Workshop

Your Ethos coach will conduct an in-person workshop to kick off your season, and do the goal-setting in person. These are usually 2 full days in Fall, and cost $800 + airfare/host housing for Emily/Abbey/Devin, and $1800 + airfare/host housing for Isaiah.

Additional Coaching

Not enough sessions? If Ethos is going to be your sole form of coaching for the year, then great news! Our standard private coaching rates are discounted by 30% for you. Just grab another session or round for what you’d pay for a piano lesson.

  • Abbey/Emily/Devin: $31.50 $45.00
  • Isaiah: $56.00 $80.00

Case Critiques

Ethos critiques cases at any time. You don’t have to schedule a private session for that! Just throw it into a google doc and share it with your coach for a bunch of comments to help.