Who is Nathanael?

Nathanael Arroyave is a senior at Point Loma Nazarene University pursuing a degree in History. Nathanael is a regionally decorated collegiate debater at Point Loma. 

Since 2007, Nathanael has been involved in public speaking and debate in one capacity or another. Nathanael started with 4-H Public Speaking, and in high school added Stoa to the retinue. Nathanael was the inaugural winner of the California 4-H Discussion Meet and was a Youth Co-chair for the event as well. 

In high school, Nathanael competed in Stoa, qualifying for and competing at the National Invitational Tournament of Champions every eligible competitive year in multiple events, including speech, interpretation, and debate. Nathanael was also a National Finalist in Persuasive Speaking at NITOC 2017. Nathanael has coached debate in some capacity for five years in multiple forms of debate, including Lincoln-Douglas Value Debate, Parliamentary Debate, and college NPDA debate. All of this has culminated in 15 years of continued experience participating in competitive speech and debate. 

Nathanael has a year of experience with Ethos as a coach, lecturer, and researcher. Nathanael’s free time is taken up with singing and songwriting, guitar, writing, and learning Spanish and Yiddish. 

Coaching Philosophy

“Public speaking is often considered one of the scariest activities you can do. Learning to capture an audience and deliver hard-hitting arguments with respect and a smile is something that can seem daunting at first. In my eyes, this is because everyone has a set standard in their minds about how one should properly speak. As someone who has spent the majority of my life participating in public speaking, I have come to realize that there is not a single ‘right’ way to do speech and debate. There are only different strengths and weaknesses, which everyone has. My aim is to help students discover their strengths and weaknesses and learn how to adjust for those strengths and weaknesses. Rather than force students to prescribe to a set standard and manner of speaking that may not come naturally to everyone, I focus on cultivating students’ talents and abilities such that they become the best version of their speaking selves that they can be.”




-Gold Medalist at multiple college level National Parliamentary Debate Association tournaments

-Gold Medalist at multiple college level International Public Debate Association tournaments

-Achieved multiple first place tournament sweepstakes awards for Point Loma Nazarene University

High School

-7th Place Speaker, Persuasive Speaking, NITOC 2017

-Lincoln Douglas Debate Tournament Champion, Point Loma Classic 2018

-Multiple finalist awards in speech and debate events such as Persuasive Speaking, Lincoln-Douglas Value Debate, Expository Speaking, and Extemporaneous Speaking