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Inter-league. Inter-region. Inter-club.


Join us for the grand finale of the online Ethos National Extemp Club this Friday night: our Online National Championship, open to all students, all leagues, everywhere.

When? THIS upcoming Friday night, 4/17/2020, from 4:30 – 7:00 PM. (Prep starts at 4:30 PM sharp, first speeches at 5:00 PM EST).

Who? All middle school, high school and college extemporaneous competitors welcome. All leagues. All nations. All clubs.

How? We will email out extemp questions for our first round beginning at 4:30 PM EST on 4/17/2020. Questions will continue to be emailed out to each “room” of competitors in a staggered order every ten minutes after that. Our first competitor will speak at 5:00 PM, our second at 5:10 PM, and so on. After registration closes Thursday at 8 PM EST, an email will go out announcing speaking orders and the evening’s schedule. More details to come in that email! We will use Zoom Meeting Software for the tournament and record it in the cloud. That way you can look back on your performance and critique yourself. All competitors will also receive digital ballots from the tournament from at least one professional extemp coach (we are hoping for several, however – if you’d like to volunteer to judge this event, please contact us HERE). These will be emailed to competitors individually and confidentially when we announce the winners on Sunday, 4/19/2020, at 12:00 PM EST. The winner will receive an hour of free Ethos private coaching!

Signup Below for $19.99 USD! Registration ENDS Thursday at at 8 PM EST. 

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 Is the economist subscription still included from previous years?

Yes – Extemp Genie includes it in its filing pool!

Are the sessions recorded in a case a student has to miss one week (or several)?

The sessions will be recorded and archived.

How do you make sure everyone does their part in contributing?

As for making sure everyone does their part and contributes, students will be required to brief the entire club out loud on a rotating schedule during our weekly meetings. If students miss over two meetings a semester (barring extreme circumstances), they will be kicked out. And yes, we are actually serious about our attendance policy and the work students will be required to put in.

Contact us with any questions/comments.



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Head Coach Emily Rose is the 2015 Region 8 Extemp Champion, multi-time national quarterfinalist, and multi-time extemp tournament champion. She writes extemp questions for various NCFCA/STOA tournaments and is the founder of Ethos National Extemp Club. Emily has also debated for seven years and is Ethos’ Vice President. You can read her full bio here.


Other coaches to be added soon…stay tuned.