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Our champion-level debaters and experienced coaches compile sourcebooks, run camps, and help you to improve your skills in the arts of logic and rhetoric, honing your competitive edge.

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Online Coaching

Whether you have a debate strategy you need to prep, a speech you need critiqued, or you just want to improve your communication skills, our coaching team will lead you to success no matter what. 

Ethos Legends

 Ethos Legends is our official online debate club, staffed by champion-level master debaters. Members get access to our exclusive Discord, special offers and goodies, and evidence backfiles, and more. 

Mastership Sourcebooks

The Ethos Mastership sourcebooks are your one-stop-shop for debate evidence. With our expert team of researchers on your side, you’ll be absolutely unstoppable.


Intense. Fun. Educational. Our set of online and in-person camps are the best around. With coaching led by former national champions and communication experts, you’re sure to have your mind blown.

Ethos Blog

Browse our extensive list of articles on everything related to rhetoric and debate. If you have any questions about theory, strategy, or presentation, our articles will help clear things up. 


Stroll into your next tournament decked out in Ethos swag. We’re constantly adding new goodies to the merch center, so check back often!

“Going into this year I’d never broken before in 3 years of LD. I was trying out TP for the first time. Now about 6 months later I’m at my first regionals and in 40 days will be my first nats. Without Ethos (and Andrew) I don’t find myself getting anywhere near this. #EthosLegendForLife”

John W.


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Much Ado About Nothing: Team Policy’s Standard

Much Ado About Nothing: Team Policy’s Standard

If you know me, you know that I have an extreme dislike for wasting time. Regardless of what I am doing or what I am supposed to be doing, the mere feeling of complete unproductiveness is maddening. Perhaps it is for this reason that I believe that, if you can...

Why Worse Plans Make for Better Cases

Why Worse Plans Make for Better Cases

What makes a good affirmative case?  Aside from one that wins, most debaters look for policies that they believe should be implemented in the real world, and more specifically, ones that create the most benefits.  For instance, if one course of action would...

Mentoring: The How and Why

Mentoring: The How and Why

What were the biggest things that helped you really start understanding debate as you were first starting out? We all have a short list of things that really made things “click” for us, and if you can remember those things, there’s a good chance that you could make a...

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