2020-2021 Stoa LD Mastership Sourcebook


This is the official Stoa LD sourcebook for the 2020-2021 season! Our authors have worked super hard to bring you this, and we know you’ll find it useful.

No club sharing allowed. This sourcebook is for individual use only. if you’d like to work out a club rate, contact us with the request and we will work with you.


The 2020-2021 Stoa LD Mastership sourcebook includes:

  • 3 fully structured affirmative cases, complete with evidence, rhetoric, strategy notes, and A/T’s.
  • 4 prepped negative cases, with evidence, rhetoric, and fully-structured contentions (and strategy notes).
  • Expert topic analysis on both sides of each resolution, written by a former debater and current professor at Patrick Henry College.
  • 1 generic economic growth brief with cards and analysis against a host of possible aff and neg cases.
  • 1 generic economic stability brief with a host of responses to common Affirmative/negative arguments.


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