2020-2021 Stoa TP Mastership Sourcebook

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You are ordering the 2020 Stoa TP Mastership sourcebook, produced by Ethos Debate.

You may only share the sourcebook with your immediate partner. No club sharing or trading allowed.

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The official Stoa Team Policy Mastership sourcebook contains 19 total documents. Those include:

  • four unique affirmative cases, complete with an extensive Affirmative block for each.
  • four negative briefs against the affirmatives in the sourcebook.
  • two generic DA documents, complete with extensions for each point and impact shells
  • four extensive generic briefs both for and against military presence/involvement
  • a topicality document complete with dozens of definitions and prepped T-shells
  • extensive strategy notes for each set of documents

Hundreds of high-quality cards and prepped arguments! Download yours up today!

2 reviews for 2020-2021 Stoa TP Mastership Sourcebook

  1. Nathanael Morgan

    It’s amazing. This sourcebook is a wholesome, in-depth dive into the topic area that will leave you fully prepared to debate both sides of this resolution. Each of the briefs is chock full of credible and excellent evidence, and it’s definitely worth the price. (I would even say that $60 is a steal for this item).
    That being said, there are a few drawbacks as well, but neither are sufficient to bump my review down to 4 stars. First, the release date was pushed out quite a few weeks longer than we were told at first. And second, it’s extremely hard to find a page without a typographical error of some sort. This is a bit of a pain to correct for nearly every brief, so suffice it to say that the sourcebook could use a team of proofreaders :-).
    Overall, the sourcebook lives up to its claims and you should buy it if you are serious about TP this year.

  2. L.C. (verified owner)

    Buyer beware. LOTS of OLD, OUTDATED, and OBSOLETE evidence!

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