Ethos 2020 Online Debate Camp Ticket [3+ STUDENTS]



You are purchasing a camp ticket for 3 or more siblings for the Ethos 2020 online debate camp – a 66% discount!

If you’re registering more than one student, click here. 

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Ethos students will experience the absolute the best coaches, hand-picked based on skill, values, and experience. As we speak, our expert coaches are drafting their debate wisdom into easy to understand lectures specialized for your student's experience level. The online format allows us to offer you a hefty discount from our usual price, with additional discounts for multiple students!

IF YOU ARE AN ADVANCED STUDENT, we ask that you bring a prepared list of possible case ideas that you'd like to write during your time at camp. We will help you write them, but the more research you've done ahead of time, the better.

Camp dates: July 6 - July 10 Lecture Times: 10 AM - 3 PM EST 


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