Ethos Legends Monthly Membership Subscription

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$34.99 / month

Exclusive 1-month access to all things Ethos! With Ethos Legends, you’re an official part of the Ethos team.

Upon purchase, you will be enrolled in our automatic-renewal billing program. The cycle lasts for 30 days, and then your payment method will automatically renew so that you can stay in Ethos Legends. If you ever decide not to stick with us, just let us know!


Here are just a few of the awesome perk’s you’ll get by joining our team:

  • Gain exclusive access to our Discord server, complete with leveling-up perks and opportunities to earn free coaching!
  • Get 24/7 access to our coaching staff!
  • Enjoy earlybird access to our Mastership sourcebooks!
  • Receive 10,000+ pages of generic backfiles and access to exclusive speech and debate documents on the website!
  • Activate a 10% discount on all Ethos products site-wide!
  • Join our community of debaters from multiple leagues and debate styles!
  • Watch weekly lectures and debate tips!
  • Get exclusive access to certain Ethos camps and activities
  • …and we’re always adding more!

5 reviews for Ethos Legends Monthly Membership Subscription

  1. Justin Marwad

    Ethos legends, from the 2 months I have been in it, has been amazing. Before every single debate round (and I debate at least once a day on average), I could go to the Ethos Legends server and get advice and thoughts on my argumentation. After the round, I could get a debrief and feedback from the judge. It has helped me substantially. On top of that, the lectures from each week changed the way I look at debate as a whole. I 1000% recommend Ethos Legends!

  2. Luke Carlsen (verified owner)

    At the beginning, I wasn’t sure that this was going to be as hype as it had been told to me that it was going to be, but after experiencing it for a little while, this is one of if not the single best program that exists across all debate! The time with the super experienced coaches is enough to make it worth it, but beyond that, they help you with your arguments and show you how to use debate in the real world! I would 100% recommend this program to everyone!!

  3. xonosdarkgrate

    Ethos Legends is probably one of the best if not the best debate club you can find online. Insight can be found not just from the coaches but also from the advanced debaters there. Regardless of your level of experience, there’s something that can be taken away from Ethos. This is especially great for debaters who may not always have real-life people to coach them on things like debate theory, impact calculus, and rhetoric. Ethos Legends is the perfect tool for you to excel in debate from the comfort of your own desk.

  4. Cyrus (verified owner)

    Ethos Legends is as good as it gets. For just $35 you are getting private coaching, discounted everything, case reviews and so much more. After just one day, I went into a negative round better than I had ever felt. The coaches had helped us in every way possible. We won that round and got 28 speaker points each.
    You will not regret signing up! Ethos Legends is the best investments that you can make in your debate career.

  5. Justus Aryani (verified owner)

    To anyone that has any doubts, yes, Ethos is the best online debate club. The amount of instruction you will receive, even in the first lecture is worth $35.They offer free private coaching, and the lectures are structured around what you want to hear. I would highly recommend Ethos Legends to any debater in either NCFCA or STOA. You won’t and *can’t* go wrong with Ethos Legends.

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