2020-2021 NCFCA TP Mastership Sourcebook

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You are ordering the NCFCA TP Mastership sourcebook, produced by Ethos Debate.

You may only share the sourcebook with your immediate partner. No teamsharing or trading allowed.

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The official NCFCA Team Policy Mastership sourcebook contains 19 total documents. Those include:

  • four unique affirmative cases, complete with an extensive Affirmative block.
  • four negative briefs against the affirmatives in the sourcebook.
  • two generic DA documents, complete with extensions for each point and impact shells
  • two extensive generic briefs both for and against immigration
  • a topicality document complete with dozens of definitions and prepped T-shells
  • 1 negative Kritik, complete with link and impact extensions
  • 1 generic EU brief on political processes — highly valuable for this topic

Hundreds of high-quality cards and prepped arguments! Pick yours up today!

5 reviews for 2020-2021 NCFCA TP Mastership Sourcebook

  1. Hannah P

    Absolutely beautiful sourcebook! Worth every penny! It has everything a competitor needs no matter the skill level!

  2. Justin M.

    I like to say that I collect sourcebooks like one collects stamps. A fancy, expensive collection that must be seen and not touched. Ethos publications has changed the game, however. Most sourcebook publishers don’t pay their writers enough, and that reflects in the briefs written. Sourcebook writers, who are in many cases just high school debate alumni, just don’t care enough to make a solid, good brief. On the other hand, Ethos hired successful college debaters and coaches to write their sourcebook, and paid them more than a decent amount to write it. You can easily tell the quality difference of the work.

    I’d also like to say, any sourcebook with a K and a 22-page topicality brief, is a sourcebook I would spend my money on. If you’re asking yourself “should I really spend $60 on this?” The answer is a resounding yes. Debaters who don’t have the Ethos sourcebook, are going to be losing rounds to debaters using the Ethos sourcebook. There’s no doubt about that.

    At the end of the day, I believe Ethos has come back from the dead. #MakeEthosGreatAgain. The sourcebook is 1000% worth it.

  3. Thaddeus Tague

    Probably best sourcebook on the market rn honestly. Absolutely amazing!

  4. Luke Carlsen

    Best sourcebook I have ever seen! Incredible sources and cards! Great for any debater even experienced debaters who have moved on past other sourcebooks! There is nothing better on the market! The briefs are super informative and equipped with strategies and structured arguments backed up by pages on pages of evidence! 100% worth every penny!! Would recommend!!

  5. Jeremiah Mosbey

    10/10. There’s plenty of theory-heavy arguments if that appeals to you, but even if it doesn’t the sourcebook will be super helpful. There’s SO MUCH there. Somehow, Ethos has obtained quantity without sacrificing quantity. The GENs are so epic! If you’re even considering it, buy it. It’s worth the money, trust me.

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