It’s Time.


It’s time for you to move beyond skin-deep communications coaching and begin to think deeply.


It’s time for you to receive coaching that emphasizes learning and doing, not lecturing.


It’s time to come to a camp that’s centered around YOUR goals.


It’s time to come to Ethos.

What’s new in 2019?


  • New coaches: we’ve trained the best of the best for this moment and they’re ready to shine.
  • New dynamic content: with the combined experiences and expertise of 15+ coaches from all over the world, we can’t wait to bring you all new interactive lectures, drills, presentations, and more.
  • New leagues: we are excited to announce that NSDA students will be able to attend one of our NSDA camps this summer. Book us for one now.
  • New locations: we already have Ethos camps booked in places we’ve never been. Where should we be next? Where do you need us? Tell us.
  • New offerings: this summer, the Ethos Master Curriculum will be available for purchase at our camps, along with Isaiah McPeak’s Upside Down Debate. We also are offering flexible camps packages to ensure that your club receives coaching – no matter how many or how few students you have. More info coming on this point on our site!
  • Bonus – Isaiah’s back: we’re offering 1-3 day Master Camps coached by Isaiah McPeak in Texas only throughout the summer! Want to host one? Book us now.


 Book an Ethos Camp in your Area.

 2019 Ethos Summer Camps will be posted very soon. Get on our map now. 

We’re in the process of booking camps around the nation for all leagues of debate. To book Ethos in your area, simply drop us a line at ethosdebatecommunications@gmail.comThis summer, we’re offering NSDA, NCFCA, and Stoa Summer Camps in increments of 3-5 days. We will also feature short Master Camps with Master Coach Isaiah McPeak. Stay tuned as we confirm and upload all camps information onto our website in the next few weeks! You won’t want to make your summer plans until you see what Ethos has in store.


What’s Unique about Ethos Camps?


Learning. Like you’ve never seen it before. Debate is far too often taught like a boring college class. A pretentious alumnus walks up to a whiteboard, talks way too fast, uses words you’ve never heard, and attempts to dump all his preconceptions of debate upon a barely awake audience.

We aren’t about that.

At Ethos, we believe that debate is best caught, not taught. We utilize this belief through a prolific emphasis on classical rhetoric, drills and practice rounds. You’re not going to learn everything about debate at this camp. But what you do learn, you will learn at the deepest level of coaching available. Everyone will get many chances to try out the skills, get adjusted, imitate, and try again. That’s how you learn.

Will there be classes? Yes. But we’ll learn theory and then immediately drill it. Learning about the basic parts of an argument? Awesome, see if you can use them to beat our coaches at Superfight! Learning about counterplan theory? Great, you have five minutes, write a counterplan and run it! Learning about how to respond to the different kinds of values? Excellent, now respond to the one we just brought up.

You wouldn’t learn soccer by reading a book. And you shouldn’t learn debate that way. Knowledge is helpful, but only when you utilize it. At an Ethos camp, we’ll give you the knowledge, and then help you learn how to use it.



You-Driven Coaching.

Every Ethos camp is different.

We have over 120 lessons planned for specific objectives, far too much information to put in every camp.

Which is why you control what we teach.

At the first day of camp, we’ll have everyone write down an objective on a sticky note. Then we use your individualized goals to pick materials from our master curriculum for the rest of the camp schedule. Tell us what you want to learn and we’ll make sure you learn it.

This is your camp.



Interested in bringing us to your area? Have any questions about our camps? Email us at

We can’t wait to learn with you!