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1AC Writing Tutorial: Which Stock Issues Where

A Caution for Early Case-Finders

A Well-Phrased Case

Affirmative In-Round Mechanics

Example 1AC: Improve Your Casewriting

How to Write a Mini-Case 1AC Structure

Multiple Case Versions for Your Judges

So You’ve Got a 1AC

The Building Blocks to a Successful 1AC

Three Ways to Improve Your 1AC

What’s a Kritikal Aff

When to Dump Your Case: the Why and How of Saying Goodbye

Whole Resolution Cases: The Whys & Wherefores



1 Hour Teaching Debate to Novices

5 Debate Things to do Over Christmas Break

10 Nats Prep Parting Remarks

Coaching How-To’s

Debate Coaching Plans at Vector

Debate J.D. = Speech 101

Goals for the Year

How We Learn Debate

How to Help Students Only Make Winning Arguments

How to Run a Club Research Ring

Keep Your Tournament Files

Linking Arguments Game

NCFCA Nationals: Evidence Cop Edition

Outrounds- It’s Still Debate!


Real World Debate, Part 1: Don’t Be Nerdly

Real World Debate, Part 2: Build Your Knowledge

Real World Debate, Part 3: Communicate Clearly

Real World Debate, Part 4: Approaching Competition

Recommended Reading: The Art of Cross-Examination

Speaking of NCFCA Nationals…

Strength Through Unity: Prep Time Before the Meet

Those Weird Kids in the Corner

Two Is Better Than One: Balancing Your Debating

Who Needs Textbooks?


Debate in Perspective

The Things Competitive Debate Teaches

Winning Debate and “Being Good” Aren’t Linked



Delivery Technique

10 Ways to Improve the “I am a Professional” Image

Be a Person, Not a Debatebot


Deep Thought: Improving Your Knowledge Base


How To Become a Better Debater

Imitate Content First and Form Second

Present Like Steve Jobs

Random Facts Matter

The Freedom to Make Mistakes

To 1Ns: Don’t Forget Your Brain

Video: How NOT To Give a Passionate Speech

Which Is Best: The Battle Between Organization and Persuasion


Guest Posts

Dr. Doyle Srader: Getting Started with a New Debate Topic

Dr. Doyle Srader: What Inherency Used to Be

Dr. James Tallmon: “Debate Theory” May, in Fact, Not Be

Emily Apgar: A Novice Year in Review: Improvement is a Relative Term

Justin Stacy: Why I Failed

Video: Dr. Farris Teaches CX

Video: Dr. James Tallmon: Art vs. Intuition



Parli: Case Structures

Parli Round: Bode/Voell vs. McPeak/Voell

Parli Round: Carrilo/Escobar vs. Enos/Griffith

Parli Round: Farah/McPeak vs. Lichlyter/Vellalos

Parli Round: PHC Debate Camp

Parli Round: PITOC Finals

Parli Round: Snyder/Lichlyter vs. McPeak/Vellalos

Rounds: Parli & LD Policy



Evidence Formatting

Evidence Standards

GAO Reports Contain Case Advocacy/Solvency Barriers

Generating Content for Debate Briefs

Good Tagging Comes from the Card

Google Research

How to Research

On Citation Credibility

Planet Debate: Eight Ways to Improve Research Efficiency

Research: Utilizing the Blogosphere

Research Efficiency 101

Three Things a Brief is Not

Tricking Out Your Firefox, Part 1

Tricking Out Your Firefox, Part 2

What Makes a Good Source

What Makes a Good Tag

Why You Need to Use RSS, and How to Configure a Reader


Resolution Specific


Revenue Generation

Analysis of the Stoa Resolution on Revenue Generation



1AC Contest Winner: The Dire Doctrine – Jonathan Edelblut

30 Acronyms You Need to Know About US-Russian Policy

Hitting the Ground Running: Tips for 2010

Oligarchs in Russia

Readings on Russia

Semifinals Video: Brains, Not Briefs, Beat the Best

Semifinals Video: Repeal START

Solzhenitsyn, Trust, Resolutional Analysis’s, And More

The Number One Strategy for Success Russia Year



Environmental Federalism Musings

Mrs. A’s Favorite Case Ideas

The Most Experimental Beats: Patrick’s Favorite Cases

Video: How to Explain Debate Theory to Community Judges

Video: Isaiah vs. Bode/Voell: Environmental Federalism

Video: Pugh/Snyder vs. McPeak/McPeak, GMOs

Zack’s Favorite Cases, Environment Year



Defending the Piracy Case

Free Trade

Intelligence Sharing Means What

Video: Finals, Snyder/Snyder vs. McPeak Trefzger, H1-B

Video: Quarterfinals, Voell/Voell vs. Aluri/Lonon, Kashmir



Daniel Griswold on Illegal Immigration

Mr. Farah on Illegal Immigration



1st Rebuttal Strategy

3 Reasons to Use Value in Policy

Alternate Causality as Aff Solution

Big Idea: Spending Arguments that Don’t Stink!

Brainstorm in 10 Minutes

Contradictions in a Round

Crash-Course: The Case for Shell and Extend

Cross-Examination from the Pro

How Isaiah Really Wins a Debate Round

How to Argue Against Mandates with Goals, not Policies

How to Win Nationals

Impact Calculus: Not Just a Mental Exercise

Impact Calculus

It’s the Little Things in Life: Two Types of Arguments

Multiple Alternate Cause Arguments

No Numbers!

Prepping for Regionals Week 1

Prepping for Regionals Week 2

Prepping for Regionals Week 3

Quick Tip: Prep Time

STOP Researching!

Taking Risks Example: Semifinals Prep at Nationals

Ten Steps to Nationals

The 1NR Revisited: The Nail in the Coffin

The Kind of Evidence to Put In a Masking DA

The Negatives That Are Just Plain Wrong

Values In Policy Debate

Video: What Makes a Good Rebuttal





Advocacy is Overrated

Check Up On Your Advocacy

Do I Need a Specific Plan Advocate: An Argument For Advocacy

“Advocacy, plz?”



A COG/Ethos Discussion: Parametrics vs. Topical Counterplans, Part 1

A COG/Ethos Discussion: Parametrics vs. Topical Counterplans, Part 2



Disadvantages vs. Solvency

Overview of a Disadvantage and How to Respond

Practical Disadvantages

Unintended Consequences: Strategy Notes & Examples



Fiating the Supreme Court: An Argument Against

Let It Be Done

Video: 1NR Explains Fiat



Funding Need Not Be “Topical”




Mastering the Fundamentals



Inherency Questions



Quick Kritik Responses: An Example



Games People Play: Do You Believe It

What “Timeline” Should I Put in My Mandates



2009/10 Topicality Throwdown

A Topicality Dictionary: A Hitchhiker’s Guide Through Topicality

Dictionaries and How Definitions Work

Topicality: Effects & Extra

Topicality for Dummies: The Basics


Tournament Administration

A Different Way to Run a Tournament – “Fun Tournament” Feedback

Fun Tournament: A Case Study


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