Meet Our coaches

Jadon Buzzard

Gold Coach | TP, LD, Parli, and PF

Jadon Buzzard is Head Coach and co-owner of Ethos Debate. Jadon is a decorated and formidable collegiate debater, winning the 2021 PKD National Tournament in Parli and consistantly breaking far into outrounds in NFA-LD tournaments. He’s won Hillsdale College over 40 high level debate awards and led their debate team to win several National sweepstakes. Jadon has experience in almost every debate format at some level or another, and he’s coached many teams that made it to late outrounds at NITOC and NCFCA nationals.  Full Bio

Emily Rose

Gold Coach | TP, LD, Parli

Emily Rose is a veteran coach, rhetoric expert, honors college student, world-traveler, and debater of eight years. While studying communications with a double-minor in political science and philosophy, she travels the world as an Ethos coach and for pleasure. As a coach, she combines classical rhetoric, unmatched Ethos debate technique, philosophy, and emphasis on real-world application. She coaches debate not just as an advanced theory class. She coaches debate as real-life thinking and wisdom. Full Bio

Thaddeus Tague

Gold Coach | TP, LD, Parli, PF, Mock Trial

Thaddeus Tague is the resident jack-of-all trades at Ethos and has been with the company for over 7 years now. Over the years he has learned under Ethos founder Isaiah, managed a sourcebook, and taught multiple camps. He has a soft spot for novice team policy debaters and has coached debate for the past 5 years. Full Bio

Anthony Severin

Silver Coach

Anthony has coached debaters of all ages and skill levels to national-level competitive success for nearly the past decade. Now a law student at Duke University, he started debate in 2007, graduated with an economics degree from Baylor in 2014, and worked for years in the Texas Legislature as a tax policy specialist. These experiences allow Anthony to challenge his students with demanding real-world scenarios that will expand their horizons beyond the trophies and tournaments.

nathanael arroyave

Silver Coach (LD, Parli)

Nathanael Arroyave has been engaged in competitive public speaking for 12 years. Nathanael was an annual qualifier for Nationals in Stoa in multiple events, including Parliamentary debate, Lincoln-Douglas debate, Duo Interpretation, Persuasive Speaking, and Expository Speaking. Nathanael was a National finalist in Persuasive (2017), and was ranked top ten nationally in Parliamentary and Lincoln-Douglas debate (2017). He now competes successfully in collegiate debate.

packages and pricing

For the price of a private piano lesson, you’re investing into the most important skills you can ever learn! All of our coaching services are bought by the hour.

This year, we’re offering a variety of discounted coaching packages that can be divided however you wish. Want to do one session and then wait a month before you do your next one? That’s fine with us. We’ve named them based on how we suggest using coaching: one session a week. That rate typically allows a healthy coach-student relationship to flourish and creates a perfect environment for incremental improvement.

Our packages range from 4 hour bundles to 50 hours. Each package is 15% off the normal coaching rate. If you buy a coaching package, all of our coaches will offer call/text support at your tournaments as much as possible. Need help for parli prep? Our coaches will jump on a google doc and outline some strategies. Failed to break at nationals? Our coaches have faced failure before and will give you a call to help you process those emotions.

Either click on one of the packages below or fill out a contact form and allow us to match you with your best fit. We want you to break past all of your barriers. We’ll do everything it takes to make that happen.