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Jala Boyer

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Jala is currently an Honors student at Liberty University studying communications with an emphasis in politics and policy. Jala Boyer has earned numerous 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place medals and competed at the NCFCA National Championship in Apologetics, Impromptu, Open Interpretation, and Team Policy Debate (where she ranked 16th at the 2019 Championship). In 2020, Jala placed 1st in Digital Presentation at every national and regional tournament, including each individual round, that she competed in. 

When coaching interps, Jala utilizes her extensive, on-stage experience in over twenty professional theatre productions. Jala introduced and tested new techniques as former Vice President of her speech and debate club to improve coaching and feedback that led to unparalleled success within her club. 

Jala is proud of her students for ranking 2nd place in events like Humorous Interpretation and breaking for the first time at National tournaments by advancing all the way to finals. 

Coaching Philosophy

“There are a couple foundational principles that frame my approach to every student I coach…

Most importantly, each session I have with my students revolves around the idea that speech and debate is not the end goal. More than just winning trophies, I want my students to know how to find truth, present ideas, communicate thoughts, and analyze other’s opinions. My goal is to prepare students for success in competition by preparing them for success in the real world. 

In regards to speeches, I particularly enjoy helping students practice the articulation of their ideas so that they can become independent in their ability to verbally process their thoughts into speeches. For interpretive speeches, I seek to help students learn how to harness their own creative skills and their unique interpretations of their scripts instead of simply telling them what to do. Especially for students interested in platforms, I place a strong emphasis on developing one’s own speaking style. My goal is for students to learn how to use their unique personality to communicate in a way no one else can.  

My debate coaching continues to emphasize speaking style while also including my favorite parts of debate. For example, I strive to meet each student at their personal skill levels to help them master the fundamentals of effective research and I also enjoys instructing students on how to organize themselves, from their arguments to their notes 

More than just telling the student how to achieve success, I hold to the idea that the best instructors are those who intentionally walk alongside their students to help them process, learn, and improve from their mistakes and experience.”

Notable Awards

  • 16th Place Team Policy Debate: National Championship
  • 14th Place Team Policy Debate: Regional Championship
  • 2nd Place Team Policy Debate: Regional Qualifier 
  • 8th Place Team Policy Debate: Regional Qualifier 
  • 8th Place Team Policy Debate: Regional Qualifier 
  • Quarter-Finalist Team Policy Debate: Regional Qualifier
  • 1st Place Digital Presentation: National Mixer 
  • 1st Place Digital Presentation: Regional Qualifier 
  • 2nd Place Apologetics: Regional Qualifier 
  • 3rd Place Apologetics: National Mixer 
  • 3rd Place Open Interpretation: Regional Qualifier 
  • 6th Place Speech Sweepstakes: National Mixer 
  • 26th Place Open Interpretation: National Championship
  • Semi-Finalist: Liberty University’s Unashamed Project
  • Quarter-Finalist Open Interpretation: National Championship