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From Intermediate to Advanced

Isaiah on Winning Outrounds

Learn from Isaiah McPeak how to improve your outround performance.

Lindsay See on Rebuttals

Rebuttals have two basic points: 1. Why you’re winning the arguments you’re winning, and 2. Why those ones are the most important.

Three Common TP Questions

Isaiah answers 3 top questions Team Policy debaters have.

Pugh/Bozarth vs. Kintzing/Kintzing

Flow this round write down 3 things you should improve in your presentation style as a result.

This Resource Will Save You Hours

This Resource Will Save You Hours

Photo Credit: Jason Blackeye, https://unsplash.com/@jeisblack I’m not joking, this is possibly one of the most valuable articles that I have published on the Ethos website. That is because this article is a list of different documents that I have made or have seen...

Platform Perfection: Standing Out

Platform Perfection: Standing Out

We hear coaches (and judges) discuss the need to “stand out from the competition.” Point well taken. Just one question: What does this mean for writing, blocking, and performing our platforms? If you have ever asked or thought of a similar question, you are not alone....