This isn’t your average set of sourcebooks – we pay our writers upwards of $20/hr to write you the best briefs on the market.


Here’s what you can expect from the our Mastership sourcebooks.

Team Policy

 NCFCA / Stoa

  • 4 fully prepped affirmative cases with extensive 2AC blocks and strategy notes
  • 4 specific negative briefs with structured positions and strategy notes.
  • 2 huge generic briefs on each side of the topic lecture with subsections addressing each possible issue that might come up.
  • 3 fully structured generic disadvantages, complete with second line responses, specific links, extensions for each subpoint, Affirmative responses, and strategy notes.
  • 1 fully-structured Kritik, complete with explaination, extentions, Aff responses, and strategy notes.
  • 1 Topicality brief with definitions on each contentious word in the resolution and prepped T-presses.


 NCFCA / Stoa

  • 4 fully structured affirmative cases, complete with evidence, rhetoric, and strategy notes.
  • 4 prepped negative cases, with evidence, rhetoric, and fully-structured contentions (and strategy notes).
  • 8 extensive blocks for all aff/neg cases with second-line responses and extention evidence.
  • Expert topic analysis on both sides of each resolution, written by a former debater and current professor at Patrick Henry College.
  • 1 huge generic neg brief with cards and analysis against a host of possible affirmative cases.
  • 1 huge generic aff brief with a host of responses to common negative arguments.

 At Ethos, it’s not just quality over quantity — it’s quality, quantity, and strategy. Our policy sourcebooks have more than 400 cards of solid, credible evidence (Ph.D.’s and policy experts), and our LD sourcebooks are some of the best around.



What sets Ethos apart?


1. Expert researchers – we hired national champions, policy analysts, and national-level collegiate debaters as researchers for this sourcebook. Our authors get payed the best rates on the market, and it shows.


2. Prepped positions – unlike most sourcebooks, we like to place the focus on strategy. Both our generic and specific positions are fully structured and bolstered with credible evidence. We’re not just giving you a pile of cards — we’re written your cases for you, both aff and neg.


3. Evidentiary quality – there are strict evidentiary standards at Ethos. We’re paying our sourcebook writers to meticulously comb through the thousands of articles to get you only the most credible authors.

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