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 Every Ethos team member is hand-picked, based on character, skill-level, and experience.


Marc Davis

Marc Davis is the Head Coach, CEO, and owner of Ethos Debate Communications, LLC.

Marc began debate two decades ago in the NCFCA, participating in team policy and various speech events for 6 years, qualifying to nationals in TP and extemp. He thrived in college debate, where he competed for Grove City College, winning numerous tournaments, including the 2010 National Christian College JV national tournament and the  2011 Pi Kappa Delta national tournament. However, he’s most proud of reaching octofinals at the 2012 US Universities Debating Championship, where he competed against graduate and undergraduate competitors from Yale, Cornell, University College Dublin, and other top schools.

Since then, Marc has been coaching speech and debate all across the country, from Hawaii to New Hampshire, helping hundreds of students, including the 2019 NCFCA National Champions.  Click to read full bio!

Ben Brown

Ben Brown is the Project Coordinator at Ethos Debate Communications, LLC.

Ben is currently studying mathematics and economics at Hillsdale College. As manager of Hillsdale’s debate team, he’s won tournaments in policy and parliamentary debate on multiple collegiate circuits, including NPDA, PNW/CARD, and others. Ben competed in NCFCA throughout high school, during which time he accrued over a dozen tournament wins in various speech and debate events, including winning 1st place at the 2022 National Championship in Team Policy.


Jadon Buzzard

Platinum Coach | TP, LD, Parli, Speech

Jadon is currently pursuing a PhD in Economics from Cornell University.

A formidable collegiate debater, Jadon holds a total of 12 finalist & national awards from his time at Hillsdale. As the manager of the Hillsdale debate team for two years, Jadon won the 2021 PKD National Champion in parliamentary debate his senior year, only losing a single ballot during the entire tournament. As a freshman, he ranked top 16 in the nation at the 2018 NFA-LD national championship, and he won the Best Newcomer Award at Hillsdale College that same year. He’s won Hillsdale College over 40 trophies during his college career. Full Bio


Anthony Severin

Platinum Coach | TP, Moot Court

Anthony has coached debaters of all ages and skill levels to national-level competitive success for more than a decade. Through the years, Anthony has garnered a host of academic credentials that shape how he teaches students. Now a practicing attorney, he graduated from Baylor in 2014 and from Duke in 2021 and worked for years in the Texas Legislature. These experiences allow Anthony to challenge his students with demanding real-world scenarios that will expand their horizons beyond the trophies and tournaments. Full Bio

Noah Mckay

Platinum Coach | LD, Moot Court, Speech

Noah graduated from Covenant College in 2021 and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in philosophy through the University of Edinburgh. In 2016, Noah became a regional LD debate champion and placed in the top ten Nationally. The following year, he went undefeated at the Wenham, MA national open, winning the final round 5-0, and shortly thereafter placed 2nd at the National Championship after achieving a perfect preliminary record. Full Bio

Luke Castle

Gold Coach | LD, TP, Parli, Speech

Luke is a fresh speech and debate graduate currently pursuing a double major at Dallas Baptist University. As a high school student, he competed in five speech and debate leagues experiencing success in Lincoln Douglas, Team Policy and Limited Prep formats. He saw plenty of success during his time in high school, and he’s currently competing on his college debate and mock trial teams, while also teaching debate at a local academy. Full Bio

Nathanael Morgan

Gold Coach | TP, Parli

Nathanael Morgan is devoted to helping his debaters succeed. Despite competing for only three years, in his final year of competition, Nathanael won 6 different tournaments across 4 debate formats. His best run was getting to the semifinal Parli round at NITOC 2021. He is currently a student at Saint Constantine College, where he is preparing to enter the cybersecurity field upon graduation. Full Bio

Jala Boyer

Gold Coach | Speech, TP

Jala Boyer has earned numerous 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place medals and competed at the NCFCA National Championship in five categories. As an intern on the Student Advisory Council of the NCFCA, Jala worked alongside the executive director, Kim Cromer, to learn the inner workings of competitive speech and debate, helping students creates long-term and meaningful success. Jala is currently an Honors student at Liberty University studying communications with an emphasis in politics. Full Bio

D.J. Mendenhall

Gold Coach | LD, Speech

D.J. is attending North Carolina State university and majoring in economics. During high school, D. J. helped lead her debate club, Speakout NC, gaining experience teaching new students how to debate and coaching more experienced debaters. D. J. has competed in the NCFCA for 7 years. She has competed in LD, TP, all 3 limited prep categories, original oratory, illustrated oratory, persuasive, informative, and Digital presentation. Full Bio 

Patrick McDonald

Gold Coach | TP, Moot Court, Speech

Not taking on new coaching right now.

Patrick competed in the NCFCA for five years, participating in nearly every event that the league offers. His time in speech and debate taught him that speeches are conversations first and performances second. In his view, presentations should be thorough, accurate, and engaging—but also clear, candid, and concise. Understanding is a prerequisite to persuasion. Patrick is currently attending Hillsdale College in Michigan. Full Bio

Nick Storz

Gold Coach | TP, Platforms

Nick is a debate coach at Ethos and a recent graduate of Patrick Henry College.

In his four years of competition in NCFCA, Nick specialized in Team Policy debate. His excellence in competition and brief writing earned him a national reputation as a formidable opponent and a 7th place finish at Nationals.

After NCFCA, Nick adapted his skillset to the collegiate debate world, winning multiple national titles. Most recently, his team competed at the European Union’s embassy in Washington DC, claiming the championship title in their annual Schuman Challenge. Full Bio

hannah cavanaugh

Silver Coach | LD, Moot Court, Limited Prep, Platform

Hannah is attending Regent University and majoring in law and national security.

After competing in the NCFCA for 6 years and competing in a variety of speech and debate events, during her 2022 season, after reaching the final round of Lincoln-Douglas Debate at every qualifier and winning twice, Hannah became regional champion in Lincoln-Douglas Debate Speaking. She went on to place 1st overall at the 2022 NCFCA National Championship in Lincoln-Douglas Debate Speaking. Full Bio

allie satterfield

Silver Coach | LD, Parli, Moot Court, Speech

Allie is attending Patrick Henry College, where she was recruited to compete on their championship moot court team. She is pursuing a major in Political Theory. Allie became a National Champion in 2023 winning the NCFCA National Championship in Moot Court after having the most successful preseason performance out of any other team–winning two national opens, earning four separate bids to Nationals, and being the highest speaking team along with her partner at each Open. Full Bio

chris park

Silver Coach | TP, LD, Moot Court

Not taking on new coaching right now.

Chris Park is a coach and sourcebook writer for Ethos Debate. He is currently attending Vanderbilt University as a freshman and intends to study political science.

Chris competed in NCFCA for 3 years where he debated in Lincoln Douglas, Team Policy, and Moot court. Chris has won multiple tournaments including the North Carolina National Open, which was the biggest tournament of the year, and he has placed in the top ten at the national championship for all three styles. Full Bio


Samantha Cremeans

Samantha Cremeans

Social Media Manager

Amelia Buzzard

Amelia Buzzard

Graphic Designer

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