Who is Jadon?

Jadon is the Head Coach, CEO, and co-owner of Ethos Debate.

Jadon graduated Hillsdale College in 2021 with degrees in Economics and Philosophy. He is a decorated collegiate debater, placing in the top 16 at the National Forensic Association’s policy debate nationals his freshman year and going on to become the 2021 PKD National Champion in parliamentary debate his senior year. He’s won over 40 trophies during his college career.

As a Stoa alumnus, Jadon was co-captain of his high school debate club, where he successfully competed in team policy, individual policy, and parliamentary debate, along with a myriad of speech events. He also placed third in the state for the Illinois American Legion Oratorical Contest as a high school senior.

Jadon has experience in almost every debate format at some level or another. Jadon worked as the team manager of the Hillsdale College Debate Team. As manager, he frequently conducted strategies against opposing positions, gave lectures on debate theory, and assisted his teammates with cutting and compiling evidence. Jadon also worked as a head lecturer at several debate camps hosted by his former high school speech and debate club Chicago CHARGE, coaching several teams that made it to late out-rounds at NITOC. He frequently returns home to judge high school tournaments.

When he’s not frantically cutting cards for his ever-expanding Aff block, Jadon can be found sipping strong coffee and playing guitar, or explaining economic theory to a captive audience.

Coaching Philosophy

When asked about his coaching philosophy, Jadon replied:

“In terms of return on time investment, I believe that there is literally no other activity in existence that can provide more value than competitive academic debate. Forensics motivates students to learn and absorb information more than any class ever could, but only because students love it. Debate channels the inherent competitiveness in youth into something productive. If you kill the fun of debate, you drastically undermine its efficacy.

As such, I look at debate as a game, one that has very strong educational aspects to it, but also has a real fun side. My goal is to get students excited about the activity by revealing the complex and oft-overlooked ways in which arguments interact in order to create a coherent and persuasive picture of the world. There’s so much to competitive debate that’s just underneath the surface, and the only way to experience it is to jump in and learn.”




  • 2021 PKD National Champion in parliamentary debate
  • Octo-finalist at the 2018 NFA LD-Policy Nationals (nationally ranked top 16 as a freshman)
  • Quarter-finalist at the 2018 WKU-LD Policy Tournament.
  • Parliamentary debate champion at the 2020 Gorlok Gala tournament at Webster University (over 40 schools competed)
  • Parliamentary debate champion at Bowling Green University Tournament two years in a row (2017 and 2018).
  • Received  2017 Best Newcomer Award from the Hillsdale College debate team and Most Accomplished Debater Award in 2018


  • Team policy finalist at the 2017 IPTOC tournament, semi-finalist at several other tournaments in the year, debated at NITOC.
  • Received dozens of first, second, and third place trophies in competitive speech events such as Apologetics, Extemp, and Original Oratory at tournaments in Illinois and in the Midwest.