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The Ethos debate Mastership sourcebooks are your one-stop-shop for debate evidence. With our expert team of researchers on your side, you’ll be unstoppable.

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Ethos Legends is the official Ethos debate online debate club. Members get access to the exclusive Discord, special offers and goodies, evidence backfiles, and our team of coaches to help you out whenever you’re in a pinch.

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Whether you have an Affirmative you want to run through, Neg strat you’d like critiqued, or maybe you’re a novice just trying to learn the ropes, our Ethos-certified coaches will lead you to success no matter where you are. 

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A Better Way to Give 1ARs

I completely understand people who hate 1AR’s.  In a poll of over 150 Team Policy debaters of all experience levels, over sixty percent responded that they thought the 1AR was the hardest speech in the entire debate round.  Not only is the 1AR speaker forced...

Answering Points of Information – Part 1

Answering Points of Information – Part 1

"Point of information."*stops mid-sentence* "um I'll uh take your point." As I stuttered through my first ever answer to a point of information in parliamentary debate, I noticed that points of information are nothing like cross-examination. They're daunting, they're...

You’re Probably “Asking the Question Too Far”

You’re Probably “Asking the Question Too Far”

Let's suppose I'm a prosecutor trying to convince a jury to convict the defendant in a murder case. Let's call the defendant "Albert" and the victim "Buddy." Albert is on the stand and I'm cross-examining him. You might imagine that it would go something like this:...

Keys to Persuasion

Keys to Persuasion

One of my favorite books of all time is entitled "Made to Stick", by Dan and Chip Heath. Throughout the book, they explain what makes certain ideas stick in people's minds. They explore everything from societal-changing advertisements to folk tales that won't go away....

Guidelines to Dropped Arguments – Part 2

Guidelines to Dropped Arguments – Part 2

In the previous article, we discussed how you should "Give Your Opponent the Benefit of the Doubt" when it comes to dropped arguments and treat your point being unrefuted as "Additional Support, Not Standalone Proof". In this article, we'll be discussing three more...

Guidelines to Dropped Arguments – Part 1

Guidelines to Dropped Arguments – Part 1

In my second year of speech and debate, I had a favorite phrase: "My opponent dropped my argument." Whenever my opponent ignored the slightest bit of my analysis, I harped on it and even made it a voting issue. I wrote an elaborate script that I'd give every time my...

The Number One Way to Boost Consistency – Tagging

The Number One Way to Boost Consistency – Tagging

"No way I should've lost that round; I won every argument on the flow." "How did I lose? The judge ignored my most important argument!" "It's not my fault I lost; my logic was perfect." You've likely heard people justify their losses in these ways. Thoughts along...

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Camp exceeded all my expectations. We learned advanced strategies in delivery, case structure, prep time usage, research, and so much more. I cannot recommend this camp enough. Even if you’ve gone to ten other debate camps in the past I promise you will learn many important and applicable concepts you have never even heard of before.
Deidra H.

NCFCA, Lincoln Douglas

Nearly my whole perspective on debate as I knew it was completely reversed, and not only can I defend why I make my arguments now, I am looking forward to having fun doing it! Thanks you guys for an epic camp, filled with high-level, expert debate theory and encouraging, matter-of-fact coaching with Jadon Buzzard, Anthony Severin, and all the rest of the coaches.
Nathanael M.

Stoa, Team Policy

I’ve been doing debate for 2 and a half years now. I’ve always been confused about debate topics and terminology — such as impact calculus, kritics, and DAs. This camp taught me in three days more than I’ve learned in club every single week and more than I’ve learned at any debate event or camp ever. This debate camp has really changed my life and changed the way how I think about debate and how I debate in general.
Justin M.

NCFCA, Team Policy

BEST DEBATE CAMP EVER!! Top tier coaches and great lessons (for LD at least). I learned far more then I have at any other camp. I feel far better equipped to debate at the regional (and hopefully national) level then I did before this year started. Thaddeus Tague was a great teacher for LD. I would recommend this camp to everyone. I can’t express how great this camp was. out of 5 stars i give it 6.
Paul W.

NCFCA, Lincoln Douglas

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