Our elite Mastership Sourcebooks for NCFCA and Stoa will release soon! Check them out here!
I’m excited to announce that Ethos is offering a variety of classes and workshops this semester! Some will directly help you prepare for speech and debate competition, others will expand your education in other ways. Regardless, all of them will be valuable to speech and debate competitors, as S&D isn’t about a specialized skill but a great meeting of all kinds of human knowledge.

For debate specific classes, we’re offering a Parliamentary Debate class that will give you the knowledge and skills you will need to navigate this tricky debate format.

In the world of speech, Extemp Roundtable is a great way to keep up with, and deepen your understanding of, what’s going on in the world. Our Mars Hill Workshop will cover all 27 new topics for the 23-24 season over the course of one week.

Intro to Moral and Political Philosophy will guide you through tricky, essential questions of how we ought to live. Film History and Analysis will be a journey through the 120+ year history of cinema, looking at movies through a critical and philosophical lens. Finally, How We Decide Who Wins: Law and Society will provide an overview of how the legal system functions and a peek at what it’s like to think like a lawyer.

Click on any that look interesting to find more details and sign up ASAP!

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