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Chris park

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Chris Park is a coach and sourcebook writer for Ethos Debate. He is currently attending Vanderbilt University as a freshman and intends to study political science.

Chris competed in NCFCA for 3 years where he debated in Lincoln Douglas, Team Policy, and Moot court. Chris has won multiple tournaments including the North Carolina National Open, which was the biggest tournament of the year, and he has placed in the top ten at the national championship for all three styles. In his senior year, Chris and his partner never placed lower than semifinals through all 6 tournaments they competed in (with the exception of nationals). Throughout his time in NCFCA, Chris has been a part of the Ethos family and attributes much of his success to the amazing team there.

In his free time, Chris enjoys playing basketball, golf, and talking about the political and economic state of the world right now. He hopes to attend law school after getting a bachelor’s degree.

Coaching Philosophy

“There is no such thing as a perfect debater. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, and as a coach, I hope to be able to identify the good and the bad and create realistic goals that lead to maximum progress. 

For a long time, I saw debate purely as a competition where I felt pressured to do whatever I could to win rounds. Winning tournaments is cool but that shouldn’t be the only thing in mind. I hope to help students reach their full potential as strong communicators, well equipped to be an ambassador for Christ.”

Notable Accomplishments

  • 1st place Lincoln Douglas, Regional Qualifier
  • 8th place Lincoln Douglas, National Championship
  • 1st place Team Policy, Regional Qualifier
  • 1st place Team Policy, National Open
  • 2nd place Team Policy, Regional Championship
  • 10th place Team Policy, National Championship
  • 2nd place Moot Court, National Championship
  • 4th place Oral Advocate at Moot Court, National Championship