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D.J. Mendenhall

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D.J. is an LD, mock trial, platform, and limited prep coach at Ethos Debate. D.J. is attending North Carolina State university and majoring in economics. D.J. has competed in the NCFCA for 7 years, including 2 years in junior club. She has also competed in all 3 limited prep categories, original oratory, illustrated oratory, persuasive, informative, and Digital presentation. In addition to NCFCA she also competed in North Carolina Advocates for Justice mock trial for 3 years, portraying both attorneys and witnesses, her favorite role being an expert witness. Finally, D.J. has also competed in the Coolidge Cup cross-league debate.

During the past few years of high school, D. J. helped lead her debate club, Speakout NC. During this time, she was responsible for teaching new students how to debate and coaching more experienced debaters.

When she is not working on debate, D. J. can be found attempting various athletic endeavors, making way too many paper cranes, or near a pool swimming, lifeguarding, coaching swim team, teaching swim lessons, or checking the chemical levels.


Coaching Philosophy

I believe the most important thing about debate is that it should be enjoyable for everyone. Whether it be turning drills into games, including your personality in your case and cracking jokes, or finding friends to practice debate with. Since debate should be fun for everyone this also means learning to debate in an ethical way so your opponent can enjoy the round, and being conversational so your judge can understand and enjoy the round.

Notable Awards

  • Qualified to NCFCA R9 regionals in LD 2018-2021
  • Qualified to NCFCA nationals in LD 2021
  • Won 1st place at R9 qualifier 1 with 36 debaters 2021
  • 4th place at National Open 2B 2021
  • Qualified to NCFCA R9 regionals in TP 2021
  • Qualified to Coolidge cup 2021
  • Qualified to NCAJ mock trial regionals finals 3 years in a row (2018-2020)
  • Qualified to NCAJ states 2018
  • Won multiple star witness, best witness and best attorney awards
  • Qualified to NCFCA R9 regionals in Extemporaneous, Apologetics, Impromptu, Original Oratory, Persuasive, Informative, and Digital presentation.
  • Qualified to NCFCA nationals in Impromptu and Digital Presentation