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hannah cavanaugh

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Hannah is attending Regent University and majoring in law and national security.

After competing in the NCFCA for 6 years and competing in a variety of speech and debate events, during her 2022 season, after reaching the final round of Lincoln-Douglas Debate at every qualifier and winning twice, Hannah became regional champion in Lincoln-Douglas Debate Speaking. She went on to place 1st overall at the 2022 NCFCA National Championship in Lincoln-Douglas Debate Speaking.

Also in the 2022 season, Hannah and her partner won the
final Moot Court qualifier of the season and pre-qualified to the national championship. In her 2023 Moot Court season, she won 2 qualifying tournaments, placed in the top 3 oral advocates at every tournament, and won the 2023 NCFCA National Championship in Moot Court. 

Currently, Hannah competes on her college debate team in Moot Court. In the very limited amount of time spent not working on debate, Hannah can be found playing soccer or reading books.

Coaching Philosophy

“It is my belief that the most essential element to being a good debater is a thorough understanding of the ideas at play, combined with a mind open to alternative ideas and arguments. My main goal is to help students develop that understanding through discussion and application of their arguments, but also to feel comfortable and ready to handle any response in a winsome manner.

In a world as polarized as the one we live in today, people that take the time to understand their opponents are rare, and even fewer are those who are open to considering anyone’s opinion but their own. However, this is what marks a good debater and communicator, going against the tide of ignorance and seeking to understand all aspects of an argument before taking it down.”

Notable Accomplishments

NCFCA National Championship, 2022
  • 12st place, Lincoln-Douglas 
  • 1st place, Lincoln-Douglas Speaking
NCFCA National Championship, 2023
  • 1st place, Moot Court
  • 2nd place, Extemporaneous Speaking
  • 1st place, 2022 Region IX Qualifier
  • 1st place speaker, 2022 Online National Open
  • 1st place speaker, 2022 Region IX Championship
  • 1st place speaker, 2023 Region IX Championship
Moot Court
  • 1st place, 2022 Online National Open 4
  • 1st place, 2023 Online National Open 2
  • 1st place, 2023 Online National Open 4
  • 1st place Digital Presentation, 2023 National Mixer
  • 1st place Extemporaneous, 2023 National Mixer
  • 2nd place Informative, 2023 National Mixer
  • 2nd place Apologetics, 2023 Online National Open