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Anthony severin

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Anthony Severin is a practicing attorney by day and debate coach by night.

Currently in the low-income housing field in Tulsa, Oklahoma, he graduated with his JD in May 2021 from Duke Law School. While at Duke, Anthony focused his time on developing written and oral advocacy skills, including placing in the semifinals at the 2021 Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot Court Regional for North America.

Artificial intelligence and the law of science and technology is one of his core research interests: while in law school, he was Chief Executive Editor for internal notes at the Duke Law and Tech Review and a research associate for the Duke Center on Law and Technology.

Anthony also holds an undergraduate degree in economics from Baylor University, where he was chief justice of the student court.

Coaching Philosophy

“No two speakers are alike. We all have our own mountains to climb. For some, that just means getting up to speak. For others, it’s carefully deconstructing their speaking style to overcome unique psychological and physiological blocks.

We speak the way we do for a multitude of reasons, but our style is driven largely by those we spend the most time with: family, friends, and media. The path to improvement frequently lies in understanding what motivates us subconsciously so that we can make conscious improvements. These individualized barriers mean that I coach all of my students differently. No two of my coaching sessions go the same way.

Debate is preparation for life. It is an opportunity to practice teamwork, compassion, and servant leadership–skills that will follow the student for years to come.

Notable Accomplishments

Anthony’s students have featured national champions and multiple national semifinalists in policy debate. He is proudest, however, of his students who overcame challenges to meet personal goals they had been chasing for years. “Students,” he says, “must define success for themselves before chasing championships.”

Anthony has been coaching debaters of all ages and skill levels to national-level competitive success for more than a decade. As a practicing attorney with experience working in the Texas Legislature, Anthony can uniquely challenge his students with demanding real-world scenarios that will expand their horizons beyond the trophies and tournaments.