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Luke Castle

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Luke is a fresh speech and debate graduate currently pursuing a double major at Dallas Baptist University.

As a high school student, he competed in five speech and debate leagues experiencing success in Lincoln Douglas, Team Policy and Limited Prep formats. During this time, he honed his coaching skills by serving as the head coach at his local debate club, as well as working with multiple online debate organizations to coach both debate styles and practically all speech events (with an emphasis on Platforms and Limited Prep speaking).

Currently he competes on his college debate and mock trial teams, teaches debate at a local academy, and works in numerous capacities. When not cutting cards, reading case law or working on school, you’ll find Luke reading a good book, taking a long walk or conducting a loan signing.

Coaching Philosophy

I don’t see debate as a mere competition. I see it as likely the most influential thing you will do during your high school career. As such, I don’t coach debate because I think it’s a competition, I coach it because I legitimately believe that the students I see in front of me, are being trained for something greater.

If we work together, I am going to push you to work as hard as you can, because this is a time when you are being prepared to do something awesome for Christ. My goal is to teach you how to communicate in a way that is persuasive even to someone who disagrees with you, to teach you how to respond to the people who disagree with you, and to help train you to be an ambassador for Christ in the coming day.

I don’t see this as something you do in high school, I see this as an investment that will pay dividends later in life. Oh, and we’re gonna have a blast.

Notable Awards

  • Highest Speaker Points – Coolidge Cup National Championship
  • 3rd Place Debate – Coolidge Cup National Championship
  • 10th Place Extemporaneous – Season Wide
  • 14th Place Team Policy Debate – Season Wide
  • 2nd Place Lincoln Douglass Debate – NCFCA Regional Championship
  • 1st Place Team Policy Debate – Stoa Silver National Challenge
  • 1st Place Extemporaneous – Stoa Silver National Challenge
  • 1st Place Lincoln Douglas Debate Speaker – NCFCA National Open 1B
  • 1st Place Persuasive – NCFCA Regional Qualifier
  • 1st Place Extemporaneous – NCFCA Regional Qualifier
  • 1st Place Apologetics – NCFCA Regional Qualifier
  • 1st Place Team Policy Debate – The Texas Bluebonnet
  • 1st Place Original Oratory – The Texas Bluebonnet