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Nathanael Morgan

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Nathanael Morgan is a debate coach and researcher at Ethos.

Nathanael is currently a student at the Saint Constantine College. He competed in Stoa and numerous unofficial leagues in high school. In his final year of competition, he won 6 different tournaments across 4 debate formats. He placed 4th at the National Invitational Tournament of Champions for Parliamentary debate, and has achieved over 20 top-3 finishes for speech and debate throughout his entire career.

Nathanael also works as a technical intern for TDS Telecom, which provides internet, cable, and broadband to clients across the country. He also is an avid researcher, and regularly writes for the Ethos sourcebooks and debate materials. He enjoys reading, solving Rubik’s cubes, and talking about debate theory and strategy in his spare time.

Coaching Philosophy

“Ever since I started competing in speech and debate, my mindset was on improvement. I always pursue learning relentlessly, and I fully believe in the maxim “Practice smarter, not harder.” I always apply this to my coaching.

My coaching has allowed students to make leaps and bounds in skill, both statistically and personally. My primary focuses is on making debate enjoyable through adaptation and ingenuity. There’s immense educational value that competitive academic debate offers, and I love to show my students how much fun they can have with debate at the same time.”

Notable Awards

  • 4th place ranking at NITOC 2021 for Parliamentary debate
  • 1st place in Parliamentary at the Resolve Early Tournament
  • Parliamentary debate champion at the Field of Mars tournament (beating the team nationally ranked first in the final round)
  • Two-time 3rd place finisher in team policy debate
  • Finalist at the Gandhi Challenge in Lincoln-Douglas value debate
  • Extemporaneous speaking champion at the Resolve Early Tournament
  • Extemporaneous speaking champion at the Shamrock Shutdown Showdown tournament
  • Expository speaking champion at the Holly Jolly Classic
  • Qualified and competed at NITOC in 3 different speech events as well as parliamentary and team policy debate.
  • Fall season champion for Ziggy Online Debate in team policy debate (9-1 record)
  • Winner of the PDT national championship in individual parliamentary debate
  • Lincoln-Douglas debate champion at one of the tournaments in the Paladin league. His season record had an 84% win rate, with only 4 losses the entire year.
  • Socratic Policy debate champion at one of the tournaments in the Paladin League