Inter-league. Inter-region. Inter-club.

Now new and improved.

Last year, our students excelled past their wildest dreams. As they did, we learned quite a few lessons about how to improve and run a superior extemp club. So this year? Our dreams are bigger. What’s new?

  • Shorter meetings. We’re shortening our meeting time to 90 mins vs. two hours. And we’re doing earlier meeting times, too.
  • More extemp coaching. You spoke, we listened. Our club is no longer just a research club: we’re incorporating extemp coaching and drills into every meeting, every week.
  • Convenient meeting days. We heard your cries: Thursdays just aren’t doable during tournament season. That’s why Monday is our new favorite day of the week.
  • More coaches. Why have one extemp champion when you could have two?
  • Rotating student presentations. We know – every student presenting their current events every week was tedious. This year, we’re assigning specific topics to specific students for rotating presentations.
  • Extemp Genie. Automatic filing is the future. Every extemp software offers it now. We know you love Extemp Genie, so we’re purchasing a team package. Included in your club fee.


Why join National Extemp Club?


An entire nation as your club

It’s simple.  Different leagues, regions, and clubs as one.  Extemp champions guiding you.  Not to mention the perks.  Every student receives access to Extemp Genie, so you don’t have the weight (or price!) of researching alone!  Students have rotating assignments every week in 90-minute meetings. These meetings will be held every Monday at 5-6:30 PM EST.  We will break down the weeks into form and content. Weeks one and three focus on content. Weeks two and four focus on form. Students will receive assignments ahead of time, and everyone will receive assignments at least every other week. If a student has a consistent conflict, let us know and we will work something out. Every student has tournament call/text support from the coaches.  You have the entire extemp nation researching alongside you.  You have champion extempers as your coaches. You have on-call coaches for tournaments.  You have focused high-quality research.  It’s what you make it.


Sign up

Sign ups are open through October 6th, 2017. Our first meeting will be October 9th, 2017. We’re also capping sign-ups at 30 students. Don’t miss out! And as always, we’re offering sibling discounts at $15/off per additional sibling. Sign up below!

League Affiliation
Student Name(s)/Email(s)


Can I sign up other, non-related students to receive the sibling discount?

Unfortunately not. Sibling discount is only for actual siblings.

Is the economist subscription still included from last year?

Yes – Extemp Genie includes it in its filing pool!

Are the sessions recorded in a case a student has to miss one week?

The sessions will be recorded and archived.

How do you make sure everyone does their part in contributing?

As for making sure everyone does their part and contributes, students will be required to brief the entire club out loud on a rotating schedule during our weekly meetings. If students miss over two meetings a semester (barring extreme circumstances), they will be kicked out. And yes, we are actually serious about our attendance policy and the work students will be required to put in.

Contact us with any questions/comments.



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Head Coach Emily Rose is the 2015 Region 8 Extemp Champion, multi-time national quarterfinalist, and multi-time extemp tournament champion. She writes extemp questions for various STOA tournaments. Emily has also debated for seven years and is Ethos’ Vice President. You can read her full bio here.


Associate Coach Drew Magness was ranked 6th overall on Speechranks last year, and 10th nationally in extemp. He has won over 25 First Place titles and over 50 top-3 finishes. You can read his full bio here.