Noah McKay

Noah McKay

Silver Coach | LD, Mock Trial

Noah graduated from Covenant College in 2021 and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in philosophy through the University of Edinburgh. In high school, he competed in the NCFCA in Lincoln-Douglas debate, moot court, and a wide variety of speech events. He has been coaching and judging LD since 2017.

In 2016, Noah became a regional LD debate champion and placed in the top ten Nationally. The following year, he went undefeated at the Wenham, MA national open, winning the final round 5-0, and shortly thereafter placed 2nd at the National Championship after achieving a perfect preliminary record. That same year, Noah won first place in moot court and Best Advocate at two out of three national opens (the only two he attended) and became one of only a dozen students to receive the “Iron Man Plus” award for simultaneously competing in five speech events, debate, and moot court at the National Championship. He was also a regional impromptu champion, a regional apologetics champion, and a two-time national speech finalist.

When he is not coaching debate or reading philosophy, Noah enjoys drinking “coffee” (def.= cream and sugar with a hint of espresso), walking in the park, and making his wife laugh. His dream is to secure a research professorship in the philosophy of religion (and to keep coaching debate on the side, of course).

Coaching Philosophy:

“I believe that the key to success in debate is integrating confidence with intellectual humility. My primary goal as a coach is to help students tackle the subject-matter of the resolution confidently, while remaining open to criticism and alternative viewpoints. Humble, confident, articulate people are rare; they are also essential to the health of a democratic society. Developing skill as a debater isn’t just fun — if you do it right, it makes you an asset to the people around you. ”