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2020 Ethos ONLINE Summer Debate Camp!

We’re bringing the camp to you this summer.

Even when the world is on lockdown, you can connect with expert coaches and fellow students from anywhere. This summer, we’re bringing the Ethos summer camp experience to your laptop.

As we speak, our champion-level coaches are drafting the debate wisdom they’ve garnered over the years into easy-to-understand lectures.

Most students had to put their debate activities on hold since March. With tournaments, clubs, and nationals shutting down, we know you’re itching to get back to things. We also understand that many people can’t travel in the current environment. That’s why we established an expert team of world-class coaches to teach you remotely. The Ethos 2020 online summer camp will be an experience like no other, and at half the cost!

Additionally, Ethos camps are uniquely cross-league and cross-format!. No matter what kind of debate you do, you’ll see some serious results. We are offering novice-through-expert lectures on policy, LD, and Parliamentary debate styles.

Check out our lineup of expert coaches!

We understand that this is often an unreasonable price for families, especially with multiple kids. That’s why we are offering you this debate camp experience for less than 1/3 of the average camp price. The online nature of the camp also allows you to debate and learn from the comfort of your own home, AND allows you to save big money on travel and lodging expenses. It’s a win-win for you and a win-win for us (since we get to teach you debate and we love doing that!)


The camp starts on Monday, July 6 and ends Wednesday, July 8. Lectures are from 10 AM EST to 3 PM EST, with afternoon time for practice rounds and research for homework.


Anywhere! The entirety of the 2020 Ethos online camp is virtual, which gives you a lot more flexibility. No hotel costs, no travel expenses — just you, a laptop and debate.


We will be using one piece of software for our online camp: Discord. Discord is a program that allows clubs to meet virtually with ease! Their platform is lightweight and completely free. Discord will be essential to getting everyone organized and links sent to where they need to go. Download it here.

What’s new about the 2020 online summer camp?

  • New coaches: we’ve trained the best of the best for this moment and they’re ready to shine.
  • New dynamic content: with the combined experiences and expertise of 15+ coaches from all over the world, we can’t wait to bring you all new interactive lectures, drills, presentations, and more.
  • Cross league: we are excited to announce that NSDA students will be able to attend our online camp. Our coaches teach debate skill that can apply to any league, any time!
  • Bonus – Isaiah’s back: our master coach Isaiah McPeak will be teaching advanced students. Register below to share in his awesome knowledge!

What’s Unique about Ethos Camps?

Learning. Like you’ve never seen it before. Debate is far too often taught like a boring college class. A pretentious alumnus walks up to a whiteboard, talks way too fast, uses words you’ve never heard, and attempts to dump all his preconceptions of debate upon a barely awake audience.

We aren’t about that.

At Ethos, we believe that debate is best caught, not taught. We utilize this belief through a prolific emphasis on classical rhetoric, drills and practice rounds. You’re not going to learn everything about debate at this camp. But what you do learn, you will learn at the deepest level of coaching available. Everyone will get many chances to try out the skills, get adjusted, imitate, and try again. That’s how you learn.

Will there be classes? Yes. But we’ll learn theory and then immediately drill it. Learning about the basic parts of an argument? Awesome, see if you can use them to beat our coaches at Superfight! Learning about counterplan theory? Great, you have five minutes, write a counterplan and run it! Learning about how to respond to the different kinds of values? Excellent, now respond to the one we just brought up.

You wouldn’t learn soccer by reading a book. And you shouldn’t learn debate that way. Knowledge is helpful, but only when you utilize it. At an Ethos camp, we’ll give you the knowledge, and then help you learn how to use it. You want results? See the unrivaled success of Ethos debate.

Register now — before we fill up!

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