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  1. Affirmatives
  2. Coaching
  3. Debate in perspective
  4. Delivery technique
  5. Guest posts
  6. Parliamentary
  7. Research and evidence
  8. Resolution specific
  9. Strategy
  10. Theory
  11. Tournament administration

1. Affirmatives

1AC Writing Tutorial: Which Stock Issues Where

A Caution for Early Case-Finders

A Well-Phrased Case

Affirmative In-Round Mechanics

Example 1AC: Improve Your Casewriting

How to Write a Mini-Case 1AC Structure

Multiple Case Versions for Your Judges

So You’ve Got a 1AC

The Building Blocks to a Successful 1AC

Three Ways to Improve Your 1AC

What’s a Kritikal Aff

When to Dump Your Case: the Why and How of Saying Goodbye

Whole Resolution Cases: The Whys & Wherefores

2. Coaching

1 Hour Teaching Debate to Novices

5 Debate Things to do Over Christmas Break

10 Nats Prep Parting Remarks

Coaching How-To’s

Debate Coaching Plans at Vector

Debate J.D. = Speech 101

Goals for the Year

How We Learn Debate

How to Help Students Only Make Winning Arguments

How to Run a Club Research Ring

Keep Your Tournament Files

Linking Arguments Game

NCFCA Nationals: Evidence Cop Edition

Outrounds- It’s Still Debate!


Real World Debate, Part 1: Don’t Be Nerdly

Real World Debate, Part 2: Build Your Knowledge

Real World Debate, Part 3: Communicate Clearly

Real World Debate, Part 4: Approaching Competition

Recommended Reading: The Art of Cross-Examination

Speaking of NCFCA Nationals…

Strength Through Unity: Prep Time Before the Meet

Those Weird Kids in the Corner

Two Is Better Than One: Balancing Your Debating

Who Needs Textbooks?

3. Debate in perspective

The Things Competitive Debate Teaches

Winning Debate and “Being Good” Aren’t Linked


4. Delivery technique

10 Ways to Improve the “I am a Professional” Image

Be a Person, Not a Debatebot


Deep Thought: Improving Your Knowledge Base


How To Become a Better Debater

Imitate Content First and Form Second

Present Like Steve Jobs

Random Facts Matter

The Freedom to Make Mistakes

To 1Ns: Don’t Forget Your Brain

Video: How NOT To Give a Passionate Speech

Which Is Best: The Battle Between Organization and Persuasion

5. Guest posts

Dr. Doyle Srader: Getting Started with a New Debate Topic

Dr. Doyle Srader: What Inherency Used to Be

Dr. James Tallmon: “Debate Theory” May, in Fact, Not Be

Emily Apgar: A Novice Year in Review: Improvement is a Relative Term

Justin Stacy: Why I Failed

Video: Dr. Farris Teaches CX

Video: Dr. James Tallmon: Art vs. Intuition

6. Parliamentary

Parli: Case Structures

Parli Round: Bode/Voell vs. McPeak/Voell

Parli Round: Carrilo/Escobar vs. Enos/Griffith

Parli Round: Farah/McPeak vs. Lichlyter/Vellalos

Parli Round: PHC Debate Camp

Parli Round: PITOC Finals

Parli Round: Snyder/Lichlyter vs. McPeak/Vellalos

Rounds: Parli & LD Policy

7. Research and evidence

Evidence Formatting

Evidence Standards

GAO Reports Contain Case Advocacy/Solvency Barriers

Generating Content for Debate Briefs

Good Tagging Comes from the Card

Google Research

How to Research

On Citation Credibility

Planet Debate: Eight Ways to Improve Research Efficiency

Research: Utilizing the Blogosphere

Research Efficiency 101

Three Things a Brief is Not

Tricking Out Your Firefox, Part 1

Tricking Out Your Firefox, Part 2

What Makes a Good Source

What Makes a Good Tag

Why You Need to Use RSS, and How to Configure a Reader

8. Resolution specific


Revenue generation

Analysis of the Stoa Resolution on Revenue Generation



1AC Contest Winner: The Dire Doctrine – Jonathan Edelblut

30 Acronyms You Need to Know About US-Russian Policy

Hitting the Ground Running: Tips for 2010

Oligarchs in Russia

Readings on Russia

Semifinals Video: Brains, Not Briefs, Beat the Best

Semifinals Video: Repeal START

Solzhenitsyn, Trust, Resolutional Analysis’s, And More

The Number One Strategy for Success Russia Year



Environmental Federalism Musings

Mrs. A’s Favorite Case Ideas

The Most Experimental Beats: Patrick’s Favorite Cases

Video: How to Explain Debate Theory to Community Judges

Video: Isaiah vs. Bode/Voell: Environmental Federalism

Video: Pugh/Snyder vs. McPeak/McPeak, GMOs

Zack’s Favorite Cases, Environment Year



Defending the Piracy Case

Free Trade

Intelligence Sharing Means What

Video: Finals, Snyder/Snyder vs. McPeak Trefzger, H1-B

Video: Quarterfinals, Voell/Voell vs. Aluri/Lonon, Kashmir



Daniel Griswold on Illegal Immigration

Mr. Farah on Illegal Immigration

9. Strategy

1st Rebuttal Strategy

3 Reasons to Use Value in Policy

Alternate Causality as Aff Solution

Big Idea: Spending Arguments that Don’t Stink!

Brainstorm in 10 Minutes

Contradictions in a Round

Crash-Course: The Case for Shell and Extend

Cross-Examination from the Pro

How Isaiah Really Wins a Debate Round

How to Argue Against Mandates with Goals, not Policies

How to Win Nationals

Impact Calculus: Not Just a Mental Exercise

Impact Calculus

It’s the Little Things in Life: Two Types of Arguments

Multiple Alternate Cause Arguments

No Numbers!

Prepping for Regionals Week 1

Prepping for Regionals Week 2

Prepping for Regionals Week 3

Quick Tip: Prep Time

STOP Researching!

Taking Risks Example: Semifinals Prep at Nationals

Ten Steps to Nationals

The 1NR Revisited: The Nail in the Coffin

The Kind of Evidence to Put In a Masking DA

The Negatives That Are Just Plain Wrong

Values In Policy Debate

Video: What Makes a Good Rebuttal

10. Theory



Advocacy is Overrated

Check Up On Your Advocacy

Do I Need a Specific Plan Advocate: An Argument For Advocacy

“Advocacy, plz?”



A COG/Ethos Discussion: Parametrics vs. Topical Counterplans, Part 1

A COG/Ethos Discussion: Parametrics vs. Topical Counterplans, Part 2



Disadvantages vs. Solvency

Overview of a Disadvantage and How to Respond

Practical Disadvantages

Unintended Consequences: Strategy Notes & Examples



Fiating the Supreme Court: An Argument Against

Let It Be Done

Video: 1NR Explains Fiat



Funding Need Not Be “Topical”




Mastering the Fundamentals



Inherency Questions



Quick Kritik Responses: An Example



Games People Play: Do You Believe It

What “Timeline” Should I Put in My Mandates



2009/10 Topicality Throwdown

A Topicality Dictionary: A Hitchhiker’s Guide Through Topicality

Dictionaries and How Definitions Work

Topicality: Effects & Extra

Topicality for Dummies: The Basics

11. Tournament administration

A Different Way to Run a Tournament – “Fun Tournament” Feedback

Fun Tournament: A Case Study


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