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Nick storz

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Nick is a debate coach at Ethos and a recent graduate of Patrick Henry College.

After being forced to try debate at 16, he was quickly hooked by the sport. In his four years of competition in NCFCA, Nick specialized in Team Policy debate. His excellence in competition and brief writing earned him a national reputation as a formidable opponent and a 7th place finish at Nationals.

Eager to give new students early coaching he never had, he began coaching students in his Junior year of high school. He eventually served as the head coach of his debate club, taught a high school-level debate class, and ran debate camps each summer. Students he’s coached went on to national level success, breaking quarters and semis at NCFCA nationals.

After NCFCA, Nick adapted his skillset to the collegiate debate world, winning multiple national titles. Most recently, his team competed at the European Union’s embassy in Washington DC, claiming the championship title in their annual Schuman Challenge. Now working as a Paralegal at a law firm in the DC area, Nick is excited to return to help students excel in the sport he loves. 

Coaching Philosophy

“My goal in coaching is helping push and guide students to excellence – both as critical thinkers and as polished communicators. This is a high bar that requires drive, commitment, and hard work. I prefer to coach by coming alongside students to encourage them where they excel while helping identify areas of weakness. My role is to direct their efforts to improve to the places that will make the biggest difference in round-outcomes. This includes teaching high-level debate strategy, research methods, cross examination, rhetorical, and brief writing techniques, as well as giving students a thought process that will enable them to consistently defeat surprise cases without research.

But I also believe building the kind of mind that is successful in debate (and life) has just as much to do with the formation of good habits of character as it does with research and rhetoric skills. In a sport that is fundamentally a search for truth, integrity, humility, and intellectual honesty are paramount. Making the strongest arguments requires searching for their flaws with an open mind and acknowledging weaknesses. Helping students learn to identify and question the assumptions behind their arguments is crucial to helping them identify and question their opponents underlying assumptions. Persuasive communication requires understanding. Working hard to understand your opponents arguments and assumptions better than they do is a mark of a great debater – and my end goal for students as their coach.”

Notable Accomplishments

  • National Champions – 2023 European Union Schuman Challenge
  • 1st Place Team – 2021 Lafayette Debates U.S. National Championship
  • Finalist Team – 2020 Social Justice Debates Series
  • Finalist Team – 2020 Morehouse College British Parliamentary Debates, Novice Division
  • 7th Place Team – 2019 NCFCA National Championship
  • 1st Place Team – 2019 Salem NH Qualifier
  • 1st Place Team – 2019 New London CT Qualifier
  • 1st Place Team – 2018 Salem NH Qualifier