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Want the benefits of purchasing coaching in bundles, but can’t commit to an entire year of XL? Meet Ethos Coaching Subscriptions.

Each one of our coaches has unique specialties. All of them are national-class debaters and speakers that want to help you level-up. 

How it works

Month-by-month coaching

Works towards any goal of your choice in one month with any  coach. With Ethos Subscriptions you can sign up for a month of coaching dedicated to achieving one goal. This is perfect if you aren’t interested in hiring a coach for an entire year but need direction to level-up in one area.

  • one month of coaching
  • one goal
  • one hour sessions
  • once a week

Choose your goal

All of our coaches have unique specialties. Choose a goal or topic you’d like to achieve by browsing through each coach’s strengths. Subscribe to that coach’s training for one month and level-up.

Coaches + Bundles

Abbey Lovett

Abbey Lovett


Abbey competed for 7 years in high school forensics. In 2015 she was the Team Policy Speaking National Champion and in 2016 she became the Impromptu National Champion. She specializes in persuasive speaking, communicating with your audience, and using your debate skills for the real world…(read more)

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