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The Nationals Preparation Program:

The biggest tournament of your life is coming up. Let Ethos help you prepare for it.  We’re offering two explosive new packages for nationals:

The Full Package – $100

  • 3 sessions with an associate coach attended by a lead coach.
  • 1 critiqued practice round against a coach or Ethos student
  • Over 50% less than a normal set of coaching sessions!

The Single Package – $25

  • 1 session with an associate coach attended by a lead coach
  • Over 50% less than a normal coaching session!

We want to discover your strengths, pound out your weaknesses, and harness your best self for nationals. The opportunity of a lifetime is coming up. Get ready for it.

Lead Coaches:

Devin Radford

Devin Radford

Coach - LD, TP, Parli, Speech


Devin believes in establishing professional credibility, and emulating a Scholarly approach to discourse. He prioritizes self-improvement before all else, but his students also experience great success! Devin will share his experience with you and invest in your growth as a debater and a thinker this year. Every push that you make to improve, he will match with his own time and effort.



  • Ran an undefeated policy case for a whole year
  • Placed in the top 4 at 5 consecutive parli tournaments
  • Won  multiple LD tournaments
  • Personally coached over 70 students
  • Coached 2 of the top 10 LD debaters in the nation
  • Has had 7 students advance to finals this year


Emily Rose

Emily Rose

Vice President, All Forms of Speech and Debate


Emily weaves the classical threads of ancient philosophy into all of her coaching. Her focus is never the “tricks of debate”, but rather the “why debate”, followed by “how to debate”. Her philosophy holds that technique is secondary to logic and “the deeper why”. Students use technique as a shortcut to success, but Emily recognizes that success is a longer road with a deeper foundation. She will coach your thinking before your counterplan theory. Although she’ll be ecstatic to coach your counterplan theory too.



  • 2015 Regional Extemp Champion
  • 2015 NCFCA Nationals 2nd Place Team Policy Speaker
  • Emily’s students this year:
    • Second-year team went from never advancing to qualifying to NITOC
      Second-year LDer qualified to NCFCA Nationals and received second at a National Open
      Third-year TP students went from barely advancing to second in their region
      Third-year debater won multiple tournaments and qualified to NITOC
      Novice LD debater became second in her region
      Started and coached novice LD club from no debate knowledge to finals in their region
Thaddeus Tague

Thaddeus Tague

CEO and Head Coach, All Forms of Speech and Debate


Through the last 5 years of coaching with Ethos, Thaddeus’s coaching style revolves around two key elements,

First, develop and focus on the debate skills that are easily attainable and high-yield in the realm of persuasive. Non-verbals, posture, dress, rhetoric, vocabulary, and general presentation

Second, build on and develop both the students critical thinking skills, divergent thinking skills, refutation skills, and syllogistic argumentation.

The presentation + argument building model is extremely successful and has served many national champions well.



  • 2013 Persuasive National Champion
  • 2013 NITOC 5th Place Team-Policy Speaker
  • Competed on scholarship with the Patrick Henry College Debate Leadership Program for 3 1/2 years. During this time, Thaddeus was among the top 10% of international British Parliamentary debaters in the world
  • Coached the top 6 best Parli and TP teams in VA for 3 years
  • Has helped 4 novices attend Nationals in Stoa and WACFL their first year
  • Coached 3 national winning platform speeches (2013,14,15)
  • Coaches Parli, TP, LD, KP, BP, MC, MT, PF, MUN, MAL

Devin’s Team:

Emily’s Team:

Thad’s Team:

Noah Farley

Noah Farley

Associate Coach, LD, Parli


Noah believes that debate is about the audience, first and foremost.  The goal of rhetoric and argumentation is to help to push your audience toward excellence.  In coaching, Noah seeks to guide, not lecture debaters so that they can learn how to learn, not just how to do what they’re told.  The goal of winning is secondary to the goal of improving, and Noah seeks to help debaters learn skills first and apply those skills second. Above all, Noah believes that debate should follow the Golden Rule Jesus laid down- to treat others as you would have them treat you- when addressing their partners, their opponents, and their audiences.



  • Appeared on 5 finals stages in the 2016-2017 season
  • Finaled in 3 separate debate formats
  • #1 Ranked LD Debater in Tennessee
  • Davy Crockett Statesman’s Student Congress Tournament Champion
Drew Magness

Drew Magness

Associate Coach, LD, TP, Parli, Speech


Dr. Stephen Covey’s 5th habit of highly effective people is, “Seek to understand and then to be understood.” That should be the core principle behind every speech you deliver and argument you create. Drew emphasizes empathy in his coaching. Empathize with your audience. Empathize with your opponent. Empathize with your partner. Empathize with the philosopher you’re quoting. When Drew works with students, he works to achieve depth in understanding which leads to greater empathy. Persuasion is the movement of an audience. Once you’ve empathized with your audience, they’re much more likely to move.



  • Ranked 5th in the nation overall.
  • Ranked 6th in the nation in LD Debate
  • Top ten nationally in four speech events
  • Appeared on 5 finals stages in the 2016-2017 season
  • Participates in three separate leagues: Stoa, NCFCA, and NSDA
Joel Erickson

Joel Erickson

Coach, LD, Speech


Joel is an experienced teacher and a veteran writer. He approaches debate from an eternal perspective, recognizing the art of argumentation to be an avenue for glorifying God with one’s mind, sharing truth with judges, and honing one’s communication skills to “give an answer to anyone who asks you for the reason for the hope you have… with gentleness and respect” (1 Peter 3:15).



  • Tournament champion in speech, LD, parliamentary, and mock trial
  • 2016 Double Octafinalist at NCFCA Nationals
  • Semifinalist at two 2016 NCFCA National Opens
  • Broke to finals at his second tournament ever
  • Joel’s Students this year:
    • Second-year LD debater moved from moderately successful to two-time tournament champion
      Second-year LD debater moved from never advancing to elimination rounds to advancing to finals
      Second-year LD debater moved from advancing once to advancing regularly to quarterfinals
      LD novice moved from mediocre to regularly advancing deep into elimination rounds
      LD novice moved from not advancing to elimination rounds to advancing to quarterfinals
      Team Policy debater moved from hating LD to advancing to quarterfinals
Joshua Anumolu

Joshua Anumolu

Associate Coach, TP


Joshua believes that the truth exists independently of our perception of the truth. Thus, debate’s ultimate value is that it aids mankind’s pursuit of truth. Debaters must learn not only how to communicate effectively, but how to communicate the truth effectively. As a coach, Joshua won’t just help you win rounds, but also help you develop the skills that transform you into an effective truth-seeker and communicator.



  • 6th Place in Team Policy Debate at NCFCA Nationals 2016
  • 2017 North Carolina National Open Team Policy Champion
  • Never had a losing record.
  • Won or placed highly in a plethora of speeches.


Noah Amedick

Noah Amedick

Associate Coach, LD, TP


Noah brings his own approach to rhetoric, presenting a combination of calmness and confidence to the audience. Bringing this attitude away from debate and into the real-world, Noah doesn’t let competition limit his understanding or application of quality communication. He extends his use of the valuable skills that he’s learned from speech and debate into his life outside of competition, and hopes to share those skills with others.



  • Won 6 tournaments in LD and Policy
  • Advanced to quarterfinals in LD four separate times this season
Anna Johansen

Anna Johansen

Associate Coach, TP


When coaching, Anna draws on her lifelong love of language and writing.  She focuses on what some argue is the most effective form of persuasion: storytelling. From 1ACs to voting issues, debate is all about telling a story to your audience—presenting ideas and policies in a way that engages them, inspires them, and compels them to action.


  • Finaled in every speech at every qualifier her novice year
  • Placed 3rd in Original Interpretation at NCFCA nationals her novice year
  • Won 18 of 21 Affirmative debate rounds in her senior year
  • Ironmanned at 2016 NCFCA Nationals
Noah Howard

Noah Howard

Associate Coach, TP


As a coach, Noah believes that there’s more to debate than achievements and success. Striving to always learn and teach passion for rhetoric rather than passion for awards, Noah believes that there’s more to an argument than just a list of impacts. Behind each simple piece of evidence, there’s a much deeper world waiting to be explored. In his eyes, debate is about immersing yourself in this world of ideas, and learning to convey your findings in simple, clear terms. He believes debaters should seek primarily to grow in their own understanding; only by diving headfirst into the world of ideas can you ever reach true mastery of rhetoric.



  • Placed in the top 5 over 30 times
  • Top 20 at NCFCA Nationals
  • Top 10 in Region VII in every year of competition

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Information on Regular Private Coaching:


Four steps to having your own private coach.

  1. Choose a coach. See who’s available on our Team page, and read their profiles to see who is right for you. Not sure who would be the best fit? Just reach out and speak with our Coaching Director who will personally connect you with the best coach!
  2. Know our prices. Coaching prices are a lot like music lessons, at $45/hour for all of our coaches.
  3. Contact us. Click the Book a Coach tab above, fill out the form, and click “Submit”! We’ll reply within 24 hours and get you set up.
  4. Meet your coach. We will send you information on the person who will work with you. Communicate with them about your schedule and goals. The rest is history.


What Does Ethos Coach?

We’re not just a debate coaching company anymore:

  • All forms of debate (Think your form of debate is too niche? Try us and be pleasantly surprised.)
  • All forms of speeches
  • Corporate/political presentations
  • Interview training
  • Negotiation training
  • Political debates
  • Powerpoints
  • Academic writing
  • Classical rhetoric
  • Logic
  • Philosophy

Real-World Framework

We teach students to test ideas and strategies in context with the real world because rhetoric is the subjectless subject; it is a potent force multiplier for other disciplines, but is meaningless if studied in a vacuum.

Debate as a Dicipline

Students spend years in debate forming habits of thought and action. In our view, though debate is a sport and a competition it is not a “game” that simply must be won within the rules. It requires a mindset and discipline to principle that shapes the soul for a lifetime.

Wisdom Focused

We foster wise decision making by teaching critical thinking and communications skills from a framework of ethics. Just as a martial artist school spends time training in the philosophy of martial arts so that the skills are only used for good, our speech and debate training intends to move people towards calmness in argument, analytical reasoning, well-researched opinions, and integrity.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

The learning curve for Mock Trial is very steep, however the fantastic coaching of Tim Snyder and the McPeaks made it much more manageable. Their deep understanding of Mock Trial fundamentals and technique were vital to our teams success. Be it from prompt responses to emails or immediate feedback after the rounds they were always there helping us grow as presenters.”

Mock Trial Student

If you want to take your debate game to the next level, I would highly recommend Ethos. Isaiah coached my novice LD daughter in all aspects of debate — from case building and analysis, strategic planning and organization, to cohesive articulation of important arguments. The coaching was well-rounded and effective — focusing on the areas of her weakness. Isaiah’s coaching culminated with my daughter winning the NCFCA Regional LD Championship as well winning 1st place LD speaker at the same tournament. If you’re serious about debate, look no further.”

Peggy Ridgeway

Over the course of two years, I’ve gone from being an average three-points-and-a-conclusion forensics kid to being a National Champion.  What made such a huge impact?  Ethos coaching.  From the get go, the Ethos team cared, not just about me as a student, but about me as an individual.  They were able to focus in specifically on what I needed to improve and coach me to that next level.  I wasn’t taught how to improve a specific speech; instead, I was coached through thought processes, figures of speech, and real world principles applicable to improving my communication as a whole.  Ethos has not only changed the way I write speeches, but the way I think.  Without the last two years of private coaching, there most certainly wouldn’t be a first place trophy sitting on my shelf right now.”

Speech Student

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