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The Ethos Summit policy camp is policy-focused, and it is uniquely cross-league. Anyone who’d like to learn about policy debate can join!

We’re offering both a novice track and an intermediate/advanced track.

Students can expect high-quality lectures on argumentation, strategy, theory, and rhetoric, with specific application to competitive debate. Our lectures are jam-packed with everything you need to become a debate master.

Purchase Camp Ticket – $140

$70 per day — plus lunch! You won’t find better camp rates than that!


1. Paper and pens for note-taking.

2. Legal pad for flowing.

3. A laptop with internet capabilities (if possible).

4. Some kind of face-mask. Face masks will be required in situations where social distancing is difficult or impossible.


Professional Conference Center @ Johnson Welded Products

625 S Edgewood Ave, Urbana, OH 43078


Friday and Saturday, August 7 – 8

Check-in: 8:30 AM EST

End time: 6:00 PM EST


A snack and sandwich-based lunch will be provided each day.

No breakfast/dinner will be provided — pack accordingly.

No official lodging is provided by Ethos. Please contact us with requests about the possibility of staying with a host family.


We ask that every individual attending the camp bring a face mask.

We will provide copious amounts of hand-sanitizer, and we will require the students to engage in social distancing throughout the duration of camp.

Your Ethos-Certified Camp Coaches

Jadon Buzzard

Head Coach

Frank Vitale

Assistant Coach

Jadon’s Bio

Jadon works as Head Coach and Project/Camp Manager for Ethos. He is a rising senior and the current debate team manager at Hillsdale College where he is pursuing degrees in Economics and Philosophy. Jadon is a decorated and formidable collegiate debater, placing in the top 16 at the National Forensic Association’s policy debate nationals his freshman year. He’s won Hillsdale over 40 trophies and was recently crowned parliamentary debate champion at the Gorlok Gala, one of the most competitive collegiate parliamentary tournaments in the NPDA. Jadon has experience in almost every debate format at some level or another, and he’s coached several teams that made it to late outrounds at NITOC. Read Full Bio.

Frank’s Bio

Frank is a current student at Hillsdale college studying philosophy. Frank has been involved with debate for 5+ years, going from highschool team policy into college LD, where he frequently competes for Hillsdale’s debate team. Frank has won several tournaments in his division in college, and he was a formidable opponent during his highschool years, where he competed in CCA.

Ethos camps are the best of the best. Here’s what people are saying:

“After five years of debate experience and countless hours wasted re-learning what I already know, I was skeptical of going to another camp … Camp exceeded all my expectations. … the information taught wasn’t useless repetition. We learned advanced strategies in delivery, case structure, prep time usage, research, and so much more. Not only was the instruction advanced in nature, it was easily understandable, and frequent drills solidified the concepts in my mind. … I cannot recommend this camp enough. Even if you’ve gone to ten other debate camps in the past I promise you will learn many important and applicable concepts you have never even heard of before. Thanks to all the coaches, I am more prepared than ever for the next debate season!”

Deidra H.
Lincoln Douglas, NCFCA

“I’ve been doing debate for 2 and a half years now. I’ve always been confused about debate topics and terminology — such as impact calculus, kritics, and DAs. This camp taught me in three days more than I’ve learned in club every single week and more than I’ve learned at any debate event or camp ever. This debate camp has really changed my life and changed the way how I think about debate and how I debate in general. For the record, I would like to say that Jadon Buzzard is the BEST coach EVER. And he can in practically 2 minutes teach me something coaches have tried to teach me for weeks.”

Justin M
Team Policy, NCFCA

“I must say, when I came into this camp I wasn’t expecting much. It’s not the same experience to see a list of names on the side of the screen instead of actually personally interacting with your fellow debaters. Nevertheless, the content presented at this camp far exceeded my presuppositions. Nearly my whole perspective on debate as I knew it was completely reversed, and not only can I defend why I make my arguments now, I am looking forward to having fun doing it! Thanks you guys for an epic camp, filled with high-level, expert debate theory and encouraging, matter-of-fact coaching.”

Nathanael M.
Team Policy, Stoa

Tickets for camp are limited due to COVID. Secure yours ASAP!