Our elite Mastership Sourcebooks for NCFCA and Stoa will release soon! Check them out here!


Moot Court Webinar

Ethos coach Isaiah McPeak will lead a webinar or two on the NCFCA Moot Court case packet, once available. Isaiah placed 5th team and 1st briefwriter in the collegiate moot court league while at Patrick Henry College and coached high school national tournament moot court champion Clare Downing. Stay tuned.

Intro to Logic and Rhetoric Junior Class

Coaching Director Emily Rose teaches our introduction to logic and rhetoric class. This class is geared towards younger debaters/rhetoricians and focuses on entry-level knowledge and skills. We offer it in both group and individual formats. It is available online. At the end of the class, young speakers will have written and performed their first speech, be able to identify logical fallacies, memorized The Common Topics, analyzed classic literature and speeches, and learned where Aristotle, Socrates, and Plato fit into the history of communication. Students are required to purchase The Argument Builder student textbook in order to fully participate in the class.

Spring Regionals Prep Seminars

Online National Prep Group

Before national championships, we will organize an online group that meets for about one month before the national championships. This group will work on strategies, warm up round right before nationals, and brushing up on key tactics and techniques needed to adapt to a range of audiences.

Ethos XL 2.0 – (Registration Closed)

Debaters sign up for a steeply discounted package of 2 coaching sessions per month with a coach of their choice. An Ethos coach sets goals with the debater (and family/partner), then builds a program to achieve those goals that usually includes debating vs. the coach several times, researching together, and strategizing. We also do this with entire clubs. For 2016-17:

  • 88 goals
  • 4 clubs
  • 25 individual students

National Extemp Club – (Registration Closed)

Coaching Program Director Emily Rose runs the national extemp club. We have students from every highschool league and college leagues. Membership in the Ethos Extemp Club includes access to The Economist and Prepd Apps. You can read about what we do, but it’s currently running so you’ll have to wait for next year!