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Noah Howard

Classically educated from middle school through high school, Noah has a deep passion for rhetoric and ideas and an even deeper respect for their power. Having competed in the NCFCA and STOA for 5 years in everything from Team Policy to Moot Court, he’s experienced firsthand how one simple phrase can be the turning point of an argument.

Joining Ethos after two years of coaching online independently and at his local club, Noah’s approach is to give the student the tools and guidance necessary to allow them to build themselves into the debater they want to be.

In his free time, Noah enjoys reading, writing, recording music, playing basketball and spending time with his friends and family.


As a coach, Noah believes that there’s more to debate than achievements and success. Striving to always learn and teach passion for rhetoric rather than passion for awards, Noah believes that there’s more to an argument than just a list of impacts. Behind each simple piece of evidence, there’s a much deeper world waiting to be explored. In his eyes, debate is about immersing yourself in this world of ideas and learning to convey your findings in simple, clear terms. He believes debaters should seek primarily to grow in their own understanding through research and thought; after all, outthinking your opponent is the most surefire way to convince an audience you’re in the right.

Overall, Noah focuses on mastery of rhetoric and exploration of ideas through a depth of research and thought. Rather than “persuading” audiences of something entirely new, Noah believes that debaters and speakers alike should seek to connect with their audience on what they both already hold to be true.


Noah has won competitions in Speech, Team Policy, Moot Court, and Mock Trial. Throughout high school, Noah pre-qualified for Nationals in multiple speech and debate formats, advancing to finals at multiple National Opens.


  • 1st Place Moot Court Advocate 2018 NCFCA Nationals
  • 1st Place, State Champion American Legion Louisiana Oratorical Contest
  • 2nd Place TP NCFCA Wisconsin National Open
  • 1st Place Moot Court NCFCA Cleveland March Mixer
  • 1st Place Bio, Impromptu, Informative and Persuasive at NCFCA Regionals Tournaments
  • 3rd and 4th Place Moot Court Team NCFCA Nationals, 2017 and 2018
  • 1st Place Impromptu NCFCA National Open
  • 1st Place TP NCFCA Regional Tournaments
  • 1st Place Impromptu 3 tournaments in a row in 2016-2017 season