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Professional Readiness Class

High school doesn’t last forever. What’s next?

Shifting from high school debate competitions to the ruthless academic and corporate world can be scary. Learn how to harness your competition skillset in the professional arena in this 5-week course.

What will we cover in this class?

  • How to ace every interview using skills and tricks you already know
  • How to market your debate/speech experience to recruiters and employers
  • Resume and cover-letter writing: finish the class with a top-notch resume!
  • Using debate & speech skills in corporate/academic presentations
  • How to persuade like a pro in the business world: reading every audience
  • College essay writing using debate and speech tricks


Fridays, 7:00-9:00 PM EST via Zoom.

More information:

  • 5-week course. Short, sweet, worth it. Classes start on Monday, April 14, 2020. Classes end on May 22, 2020.
  • $75 per student. Can’t beat that deal.
  • Virtual meetings, recorded in the cloud. Can’t make a meeting? We got you covered with recordings of each session.
  • An email from your instructor(s) with all the details specific to your class will be sent to you one week before your class starts. Stay tuned.

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Emily Rose is the Vice President of Ethos Debate and coach of several successful programs here at Ethos Debate. She has served on many corporate marketing & communications teams and is an Honors senior at the University of South Carolina. Last year, she studied abroad in London, UK as a Gilman Scholar. Read more here