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I remember immigration year. At about this point in the season, one of our Ethos authors told me we needed to research a particular item for an update. I had to laugh and ask him if he had actually read his copy of Ethos. The very information he was seeking was right there.  His was not the last such request that season or any other season. So, how do you get the full worth out of a sourcebook?

 The most basic answer is to READ the sourcebook. Yes, read every card and every page. Take notes. A great way to take notes is to use the tracking feature in your word processor. If you need to research the point further, make a note. If you want to look up more from that author, make a note. If you want to place that card in a different brief, make a note. If you have an idea for how to beat the point or turn it into a disadvantage, make a note.  If you have a copy of Ethos sitting on your desktop, right now is the time to open it up and start taking notes. You never know when the key card you need for an argument will be found in the backup to a 1AC or some generic DA. Enjoy your reading and let us know if we can help you out with your debate season.

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